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When is the right time to treat hair loss and prevent baldness?

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When is the right time to treat hair loss and prevent baldness?


Q:  When is the right time to treat hair loss to prevent baldness?

A:  “When is the right time to treat hair loss?” and “When should I start therapy to prevent the baldness that runs in my family?”

The answer is… before it’s noticeable!

Shedding is a common sign of hair loss, but hereditary hair loss is actually a gradual miniaturization of hair follicles and a reduction in the thickness and length of each hair the follicles produce. This weakening of hair follicle function and decreased quality of hair fiber production across thousands of hair follicles in the scalp eventually causes wider part-lines, receding hairlines, visible thinning or balding up top in the frontal, mid-scalp, vertex or crown due to a lack of coverage.

Androgenetic Alopecia or Hereditary Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss can start anytime after puberty and is a chronic, progressive condition—that means it gets worse with time without treatment.

Did you know that it takes more than 50 per percent loss before hair thinning is noticeable to the naked eye?  Before hair loss is noticeable to others is the exact time preventative therapies are likely to have the greatest effect. Medical treatments and other non-invasive therapies work best before follicles are miniaturized beyond repair. If they’re still weak, but alive and “viable,” there’s hope for prevention as well as rejuvenation! The best way to track the results of your hair restoration regimen is by using scientific tools like the HairCheck and visiting your ABHRS board-certified hair restoration physician or Certified HairCoach.

Early treatment options include medications (compounded oral or topical finasteride, compounded minoxidil, etc), low-level laser therapy (TURBO LaserCap), regenerative treatments (PRP, PDOgro, cell therapy. etc.), proper nutrition, nutritional supplementation, and therapeutic hair care.

If you have lost significant hair density or quality—like having a deeply receded hairline or having a visibly bald spot in the crown or vertex area, it is likely that some degree of FUE hair transplantation will be needed to reach your hair restoration goal.

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