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Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Vitamins

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Viviscal Professional Hair Growth Vitamins

Viviscal Professional is a 100% natural food supplement that is specifically designed to nourish thinning hair while also creating a healthy environment for existing hair and hair follicles. Hair loss and hair thinning can be caused by everyday stress, hormonal changes, poor diet, heredity, frequent hair styling, and poor diet.

What are the active ingredients in Viviscal Professional?

Viviscal Professional has been developed with finest ingredients nature has to offer and is 100% natural.

The key ingredient in Viviscal is the exclusive AminoMar C™ marine protein complex. This rich complex is packed with marine extracts and blended with organic horsetail—an organic form of silica from a plant extract, used to strengthen and revitalize lifeless hair naturally, and acerola cherry extract–one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C, with highly effective antioxidant properties.

Gluten Free: Viviscal Professional contains no gluten and the tablets are easy to swallow.

Viviscal Professional Is A 100% Natural Food Supplement That Is Specifically Designed To Nourish Thinning Hair.

Viviscal Professional is a 100% natural food supplement that is specifically designed to nourish thinning hair.

How Does Viviscal Professional work?

Viviscal Professional tablets are food supplements and work to provide important nutrients to the hair follicles so they can support and maintain healthier hair growth.

When will I see results?

Because hair grows at a rate of about ¼” to ½” per month, results take time. Most patients will start to notice a subtle and gradual difference in the quality of their hair after two to four months of use. Continued use for at least 6 months is recommended. *Expectations can include:

Month 1: Hair follicles are nourished through consistent intake of nutrients and marine protein in each tablet.
Month 2: Thin and wispy hair is strengthened through increased nourishment.
Month 3: Breakage and thinning continues to decline, and existing hair appears healthier.
Months 4-6: Hair becomes stronger, healthier, and more vibrant as nutrients are replenished.

Are Viviscal Professional supplements suitable for men and women?

Yes. Viviscal is recommended for both men and women.

Are there any negative side effects associated with Viviscal Professional?

Viviscal Professional is 100% natural and chemical-free. As long as you are not allergic to any ingredients in Viviscal, side-effects are not expected.

Does Viviscal Professional contain minoxidil or finasteride?

No. Viviscal Professional is not a drug but a food supplement.

Can anyone take Viviscal Professional supplements?

It is not recommended for anyone allergic to fish or seafood as the AminoMarC™ is derived from marine life. If pregnant or breastfeeding, Viviscal Professional should not be taken without consulting a doctor.

Will Viviscal Professional interfere with medication?

No, however it is always advisable to check with a doctor before starting any supplement program.

Can Viviscal be combined with other treatments such as Minoxidil, Laser Therapy or Hair Transplantation?

Yes. Because these treatments work differently, oftentimes the best results are seen when a multi-therapy or combination of treatments are used.

What should I do before starting Viviscal Professional?

A consultation with a board-certified Hair Restoration Physician is recommended before starting any hair restoration treatment program. Dr. Bauman can evaluate your situation, recommend and/or administer diagnostic tests and perform sophisticated tracking evaluations at appropriate intervals so you can monitor the subtle improvements in your hair.

How can I purchase Viviscal Professional?

You can order online at https://hai.rs/baumanestore


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