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Bauman Alliance Member

The following organizations represent key core alliances who collaborate and work alongside Dr. Bauman, Bauman Medical and his Bauman Consulting Division Bauman Consulting to compassionately help improve the lives of men and women around the world through hair and scalp research and innovation. Click on the interactive map and see the chart below to view all of the Bauman Alliance Members:


Name Key Role Web Site
Alopecia & Friends Alopecia Support Group
American Hair Loss Association Hair Loss Resource
American Hair Loss Council Hair Loss Resource
BioD (Integra) Makers of extracellular matrix – BioD
Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Business Resource
Canfield Imaging Systems Diagnostic Tool: Magnification Cameras for hair and scalp evaluations
Capillus Hair Product: FDA-Cleared low-level laser therapy hair regrowth device manufacturer
Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories (CRLAB) 3D Printed hair and scalp cranial prosthesis known as CNC and scalp makeover evaluation protocols and product to resolve symptomatic scalps
Church & Dwight Hair Products: ViviscalPRO, Toppik and Xfusion
EmCyte Corporation Medical Kits and Equipment: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth
HAIR.University Hair Industry Educational Resource
Hairatin Hair Camouflage Products
HairCheck Diagnostic Tool: measure and track hair loss / hair growth.
HairScience Hair Product IP: Formula 82M compounded minoxidil, Finoxidil (FinPlus)
Intercoiffure N.A. Hair Industry Professional Organization
Jeffrey Paul Academy Hair Industry Educational Resource
LaserCap Hair Product: FDA-Cleared low-level laser therapy hair regrowth device manufacturer
Martino Cartier Celebrity Stylist and Philanthropist
MasterPharm Compounding Pharmacy: Makers of Formula 82M compounded minoxidil and other prescription products.
Modern Salon (Bobit Business Media) Hair Industry Publication
National Trichology Training Institute Trichology Educational Institution
NeoGraft Medical device manufacturer: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) tool (manual)
Restoration Robotics Medical device manufacturer: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) tool (robotic)
Rizzieri Schools Hair Industry Educational Resource
SmartGraft by Vision Medical Medical device manufacturer: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) tool (manual)
The Bald Truth Hair Loss Information and Educational Resource
The Brent Brush (Brent Hardgrave) Hair Product: The Brent Brush
The National Hair Journal Hair Industry Publication
World Trichology Society Educational Resource

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