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VIP|FUE™ No Shave Long Hair Preview Hair Transplant

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Before After No Shave Vip Fue Hair Transplant

See a “preview” of your hair transplant results immediately after Dr. Bauman’s NEW long-hair FUE hair transplant!

ABOVE: Watch this VIDEO of the VIP|FUE experience.

VIP|FUE™ – A NEW 100% Discreet Transplant Procedure!

“No-Shave Long-Hair Preview” VIP|FUE™

Have you considered a hair transplant, but didn’t want the downtime associated with visible healing and the much shorter haircut or “buzzcut” associated with minimally-invasive FUE procedures?  What if you can actually “see”  the results of your hair transplant IMMEDIATELY after the procedure?  What if that immediate “preview” of your results helped camouflage the healing of your hair transplant? Then read on because renowned FUE hair transplant pioneer Dr. Alan Bauman and the team at Bauman Medical are proud and excited to announce that we are offering a new breakthrough FUE transplant procedure to our patients – VIP|FUE

So what exactly is VIP|FUE™?

This new, NO-SHAVE minimally invasive hair transplant procedure offers patients all the advantages of traditional minimally-invasive FUE including no staples, no stitches, no-linear-scar, and a more comfortable and less restricted downtime when compared to outdated invasive linear FUT “strip” harvesting. It is also the only transplant procedure that does not require ANY trimming or shaving of the donor area–that means NO dramatic change in your hairstyle with VIP|FUE™ hair transplant. Additionally, VIP|FUE™ also boasts the unique benefits of the “Long-Hair Preview” aspect of the technique, which allows you to see the results of your transplant immediately after your procedure – making it the ultimate experience in minimally-invasive hair transplantation.

A Look at the Key Benefits of VIP|FUE™:

  • No Shaving and No Trimming of Donor Area or Recipient Area; ALL hair remains  100% UNSHAVEN–the same length. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area without ANY trimming of hair whatsoever
  • Long-Hair “Preview” allows you to see the results of the transplant immediately after the procedure
  • Absolutely No Linear Scar to Hide
  • Less Restricted, Shorter, More Comfortable Downtime
  • No Stitches or Staples
  • Reduced Cosmetic Downtime

This new procedural process was developed as an expansion and extension of the current FUE offerings at Bauman Medical. Thanks to the addition of a new state-of-the-art extraction tool and advanced microsurgical techniques, Dr. Bauman and his surgical team are now able to extract hair follicles directly from the donor area without trimming or shaving – a HUGE bonus for patients looking to discreetly treat their hair loss because there’s NO change to your hairstyle. Suitable for both men and women, the VIP|FUE™ technique, coupled with Dr. Bauman’s renowned artistic ability, enables both the process and the results of your hair transplant to remain undetectably natural.

In addition, the “No-Shave, Long-Hair Preview” VIP|FUE™ allows patients and whomever they choose (as well as your surgeon!) to see the results of what the transplant will look like right after the procedure, instead of having to wait until the hair strands grow back – this is a big advantage as it allows an early look at the results, which can be used to make any adjustments to the short-term and long-term treatment plan, giving patients the best opportunity to achieve their hair restoration goals.

When we say NO SHAVE FUE, we mean 100% NO-SHAVE. Unlike other practices that may advertise a “no-shave” technique, the truth is they may actually be shaving or trimming a hidden area. In our practice, this would be called a “stealth shave” FUE, with the trimmed area of harvest hidden by the surrounding hair. With VIP-FUE, there is absolutely NO shaving or trimming of any hair–the long hair is harvested while still within the follicle.

While this new procedure is very exciting for patients, there are a few potential downsides to be aware of. Because the procedure involves delicate harvesting of intact long hair contained within the follicles, careful precision is necessary for a successful transplant, which could result in the transplant taking up to twice as long as other FUE methods to perform. Due to the advanced technology and added length of time required, VIP|FUE™ may be more expensive than a traditional FUE hair transplant – but keep in mind, there are many factors to consider that will impact the cost of your transplant, our team will help you find the best option to help you meet your transplant goals.


What is VIP|FUE™?

A new, minimally invasive hair transplant procedure that offers patients all the advantages of traditional minimally-invasive FUE including no staples, no stitches, no-linear-scar, and a more comfortable and less restricted downtime when compared to outdated invasive linear FUT “strip” harvesting. VIP|FUE™ can be performed without ANY hair trimming or shaving, which means no one will ever know that you had a transplant.

In addition to these benefits, VIP|FUE™ recipients also benefit from the “Long-Hair Preview” aspect of the technique, which allows you to see the results of your transplant immediately after your procedure.

Can I keep my VIP|FUE™ a secret?

Absolutely. One of the biggest advantages to this new procedure is that with the VIP|FUE™ No-Shave Long-Hair Follicular Unit Extraction, absolutely NO hair is trimmed for the procedure; ALL hair remains the same length. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and implanted into the recipient area without ANY trimming of hair whatsoever. The healing Donor Area remains completely hidden amidst the surrounding full-length hair and a 100% completely normal appearance of the Donor Area immediately after your procedure is maintained. No dramatic shave or trim is required around the sides and back of the scalp.

How is VIP|FUE™ different from traditional FUE?

Until recently, undergoing a Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE hair transplant required some, if not all, of a patient’s Donor Area (sides and back of the scalp) to be shaven to about 1.5mm, or 1/16 of an inch. This approach has made it easy to identify the angle, orientation, and position of available follicular units to be targeted for harvesting. However, for many patients, this resulted in an undesirably short hairstyle through the process and therefore significant downtime if there was a desire to keep their hair transplant discreet.

But now, through the advanced No-Shave Long-Hair Preview VIP|FUE™ hair transplant process, Dr. Bauman and his team are able to transplant follicles from the donor area to the recipient area without trimming of ANY donor hair. These extraction sites are completely hidden when the surrounding hair, regardless of its length, is combed into place. This innovation allows patients to maintain their exact same hairstyle through the hair transplant process.

In addition, the extracted grafts contain long hair strands still within the follicle. This means that when implanted, the final expected results of the transplant are immediately visible.

Are the “Preview” results of VIP|FUE™ permanent?

With this Long Hair Preview FUE, you will see what the transplanted area will look like, but this is temporary and will only last a few weeks. As with any hair transplant procedure, the transplanted follicles will shut down and enter a resting phase soon after the procedure, normally shedding the hair shaft within the follicle in a few weeks after the procedure. The transplanted hair follicles will then begin to produce hair permanently starting about 6 to 12 weeks later. With a traditional FUE procedure, since the transplanted hair is trimmed short prior to the harvesting, you wouldn’t see any visible results until approximately 4-6 months later.

Who is a good candidate for VIP|FUE™?

The No-Shave Long-Hair Preview VIP|FUE™ process is ideal for patients wanting to keep their procedure as close to 100% undetectable as possible with the shortest possible cosmetic downtime.

However, while many potential patients may be interested in the benefits of this new procedure, not everyone is an appropriate candidate for VIP|FUE™ hair transplantation. You should have a private, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Bauman to determine if VIP|FUE™ is right for you. Luckily, even if it is determined that a VIP|FUE™ isn’t the right choice for you, there are other alternatives, including a complete wide-shave or full-shave of the donor area, or a partial, hidden, or “stealth-shave.”  Dr. Bauman and his team do not offer FUT (strip-harvesting) because of the restricted downtime, discomfort, and linear scar associated with those outdated procedures.

Why don’t more surgeons offer VIP|FUE™?

This advanced procedure requires special microsurgical instrumentation, is more labor-intensive, time-consuming, and technically much more difficult than shaved FUE, which means this type of treatment will likely only be available through a small number of hair transplant surgeons in the world.

Can VIP|FUE™ be performed via the ARTAS robotic system?

Unfortunately, no. The ARTAS robotic-assisted FUE transplant requires that a relatively large zone of donor area be trimmed or shaved for the procedure. A new, hand-held microprocessor-controlled programmable instrument, specialized extraction tips, and special skills are used to accomplish the No-Shave Lon-Hair Preview VIP|FUE™ procedure

Does this new treatment work for eyelash and eyebrow transplants?

In most cases, yes. One of the main benefits of long hair transplantation is being able to see the curl of the hair while the grafts are being implanted. This is a huge benefit for eyebrow transplantation, where angle orientation and position of the transplanted hair is critical for the final aesthetic outcome. Patients should note that in some eyelash transplant cases, a traditional linear harvest may be required.

How do I learn more about No-Shave VIP|FUE™?

To learn more about the “No-Shave” VIP|FUE™, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bauman to discuss your goals and determine if you are a candidate. Private, one-on-one consultations, either virtually or in-person, are available to help you to determine if No-Shave Long-Hair Preview VIP|FUE™ is right for you.

Hair Transplant Shaving Options

Wide-Shave or Full-Shave FUE

A wide shave FUE requires a total or nearly total shave of the sides and the back of the scalp. The benefit of a wide-shave is that it results in the most efficient and most fruitful harvest of transplantable follicles—meaning the most amount of grafts possible obtained during a single session of transplantation. In addition, a wide-shave allows any size harvest to be equally distributed throughout the available donor area. Female patients and male patients with longer hairstyles unwilling to entertain a shorter hairstyle temporarily would not be appropriate candidates for the wide-shave FUE. A wide-shave / full-shave approach is required for patients seeking an ASMAP™ or As Much As Possible hair transplant and may also include the use of BHT Body Hair Transplantation (e.g. beard donor) to achieve the maximum yield.

Partial, Hidden or “Stealth” Shave FUE

During a partial or hidden shave, hair length in the donor area must be two inches or more. This hair is parted horizontally and lifted up to reveal a small band or stripe of hair which is then trimmed short, i.e., shaved, for extraction. This approach limits the total amount of grafts harvested, making it more appropriate for smaller sessions. Immediately following the procedure the hair above the trimmed band of hair is combed downward to cover the harvested zone during the healing phase, so the area is completely hidden after your procedure.

During the healing phase, care must be taken to keep the surrounding hair area styled downward especially when hair is wet or exposed to wind, which could reveal the shaved area. Since only a small fraction of hair follicles are removed from that area, eventually the harvested zone becomes undetectable after the procedure is healed and as the trimmed (but non-extracted) hair follicles continue to produce hair. This approach is recommended for those who wish to maintain longer hairstyles for the long term because the harvested area may become visible if the donor hair is trimmed very short in the future.

Combination of a Hidden Shave and No-Shave Long-Hair VIP|FUE™

In some cases to reach the desired yield while minimizing the impact to your hairstyle, a combination of a small shaved zone or zones in addition to the No-Shave VIP|FUE™ technique may be recommended. You should discuss with Dr. Bauman your hair restoration goals and desired cosmetic downtime to determine which procedure is right for you.

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*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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