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Dr Alan Bauman named among The Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World by ApeToGentlemen/Spex Hair

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Dr Alan  Bauman named among The Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World by ApeToGentlemen/Spex Hair

Dr. Bauman was recently named as one of The Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World by ApeToGentlemen and Spex Hair for the 3rd consecutive year. Spencer Stevenson, world-renowned hair loss and hair transplant advisor and patient advocate, has published this list on ApeToGentle annually since 2019.

“I am very proud to be named one of The Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons in the World in the 2021 edition of ApeToGentleman”, says Dr. Bauman.

“Bauman Medical very much appreciates the accolade, bestowed upon me by one of the world’s top patient advocates in the hair loss space, Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson of Spex Hair. Spex has devoted his career to patient advocacy and education, having himself experienced the very best and the very worst of hair loss treatments over the last twenty or so years. Spex’s first and foremost goal is to ensure that every patient has access to legitimate, authoritative and ethical information before making a decision. He has spoken at medical conferences, appeared at dedicated hair loss events and has crafted his own channels to reach patients through media and social media.”

As one who has personally experienced more than a few very bad hair transplants, Spex speaks with conviction and authority, and the public takes notice. “The hair loss industry preys on your vulnerability and isolation,” he cautions. But rather than stopping at warnings, he proactively explores the full gamut of treatments, meets and works with some of the world’s top surgeons and stays abreast of the latest technological and treatment advances.

Highly respected globally in the hair loss industry, Spex Hair is known for his take-no-prisoners approach to unscrupulous charlatans. Patients can and do trust his advice via his podcast, website, forums and social media and he also offers consultancy for individuals, some of whom are very high-profile celebrities across entertainment, sports and business.

Adds Dr. Bauman, “I am incredibly proud to have been named by Spex Hair for this list and equally proud to be in such esteemed company. You can see my interview with Spex Hair about my inclusion in the Apetogentleman list below: “

Top 25 Hair Transplant Surgeons – Interview with Spencer “Spex” Stevenson

Read an excerpt written by Spencer Stevenson below :

Dr. Alan Bauman, IAHRS Member

Boca Raton, Florida (USA)

Dr. Bauman is doing extraordinary things out of his internationally-recognised Florida-based practice, Bauman Medical. Established in 1997, the clinic offers everything from eyelash transplantation to artistic FUE hair transplant surgery for men and women; a wealth of bespoke medical hair loss treatments like top-rated compounded minoxidil Formula 82M, topical finasteride, lunchtime PRP with ECM and PDOgro for hair regrowth; as well as an in-house trichology salon for optimum scalp health. His nearly 12,000 sq ft standalone clinic has been labelled by the industry as “The Hair Hospital” and as a full time hair restoration surgeon he is tirelessly and passionately working at improving his results and the patient experience, even after personally treating over 20,000 patients and performing more than 8,000 hair transplant procedures.

Consistently top-rated by Aesthetic Everything and recently highlighted by Forbes as one of “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America”, Dr. Bauman takes great pride in artistic results and offering the latest techniques via the most technologically advanced equipment available – I’m proud to work with him. He is certainly setting the standard for many to follow, in my opinion.


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