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  • Bauman TURBO LaserCapBauman TURBO LaserCap

    The Bauman TURBO LaserCap is the fastest, most powerful, most portable, hands-free, cordless, and rechargeable FDA-cleared low level laser therapy hair growth device with the widest scalp treatment area for men and women available!

  • BaumanMD DHT-Control ShampooBaumanMD DHT-Control Shampoo

    BaumanMD DHT-Control Shampoo contains a powerful combination of three active, natural ingredients that block the effects of DHT, a known trigger for hair loss.

  • CapillusRX 312 Laser Therapy CapCapillusRX 312 Laser Therapy Cap

    The FDA-cleared CapillusRX 312 Laser Therapy Cap for hair growth is a powerful, portable, non-drug, side effect-free treatment for hair regrowth in just 6 minutes per day.

  • Compounded Finasteride FinPlusCompounded Finasteride FinPlus

    Compounded Finasteride “FinPlus” contains pharmacy-compounded oral finasteride 1.25mg PLUS a sophisticated blend of standardized, hair-healthy organic herbs and nutrients for maximum hair regrowth.

  • Compounded Finasteride: Fin.481Compounded Finasteride: Fin.481

    Compounded Finasteride: Fin.481

  • Compounded Minoxidil Formula 82MCompounded Minoxidil Formula 82M

    “Formula 82M” is a compounded prescription topical solution Rogaine alternative that contains Minoxidil, Tretinoin plus other ingredients for hair growth.

  • Formula 82D… A Topical Dutasteride prescription for hair growthFormula 82D… A Topical Dutasteride prescription for hair growth

    Topical Dutasteride + Minoxidil | Formula 82D "Dutoxidil"

  • Havogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal PatchHavogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal Patch

    “Havogen5” offers a non-drug approach to the problems of androgen-related hair loss based on new transdermal patch technology for controlled, slow-release delivery of natural herbal anti-DHT ingredients.

  • LaserCapLaserCap

    LaserCap is a portable, hands-free, cordless and rechargeable FDA-cleared low level laser therapy hair growth device for men and women.

  • Nutrafol Hair NutraceuticalsNutrafol Hair Nutraceuticals

    Nutrafol Nutritional Supplements For Hair are a new type of 100% drug-free nutritional support for healthy hair growth that is a leap above traditional hair vitamins and hair minerals.

  • TA-65MD Nutritional SupplementTA-65MD Nutritional Supplement

    TA-65 - Cell Rejuvenation through Telomerase Activation

  • Topical Finasteride + Minoxidil Formula 82F “Finoxidil”Topical Finasteride + Minoxidil Formula 82F “Finoxidil”

    Topical Finasteride with Minoxidil - Compounded Formula 82F

  • Viviscal Professional Hair Growth VitaminsViviscal Professional Hair Growth Vitamins

    Viviscal Professional is a 100% natural food supplement that is specifically designed to nourish thinning hair.

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