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Q: What Can Be Done About Hair Shedding?

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Q: What Can Be Done About Hair Shedding?


Q: What can be done about Hair Shedding aka Telogen Effluvium?  Does COVID cause hair loss?

A: Treatments for hair shedding vary depending on the cause of the shedding, also called Telogen Effluvium, as well as underlying hair loss conditions.

If the shedding is from an infection from a flu virus like COVID with its cytokine storm or a prolonged fever over 102F, shedding can occur starting 2-6 weeks after the fever and continue for months especially in “long-COVID.”  Other “insults” to hair follicle function like nutritional deficiencies, crash diets, severe or prolonged physiological stress, psychological stress caused by lockdowns and isolation, hormonal shifts like oral contraceptives, menopause, or childbirth, as well as medications and toxins can all impact hair follicle function.

Therapies may include anti-shedding treatment with INTACT, hair growth stimulators like minoxidil Formula 82MTURBO LaserCap, growth factor treatments like in-office PRP or at-home VirtualPRP™ using growth factors and cytokines.

In-office treatments like PRP, PDOgro, and exosome therapy have also been seen to slow and reverse hair shedding / Telogen Effluvium, but these procedures MUST be performed correctly to have a chance at effective results.

Underlying hair loss conditions, like hereditary male or female pattern hair loss, may be exacerbated or accelerated by these insults to hair follicles, requiring initiating or adding treatments and therapies to address those comorbidities.

If Telogen Effluvium or Hair Shedding is concerning to you, please reach out for support and evaluation. Consultations can be conducted in-office or virtually.

*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

If you or someone you know has hair loss, hair thinning, baldness, or eyebrow / eyelash concerns, click to start either a long-distance virtual consultation OR an in-person, in-office consultation with Dr. Bauman. You can also Ask Dr. Bauman a Question or simply call Bauman Medical Group  at +1-561-394-0024.

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