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Leading Hair Loss Expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman Presented New Medical Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions during Exclusive University of Bologna Lecture in Italy

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Leading Hair Loss Expert Dr. Alan J. Bauman Presented New Medical Hair Loss Treatments and Solutions during Exclusive University of Bologna Lecture in Italy

Bologna, Italy – Hair loss expert and Medical Director, Alan J. Bauman, M.D. of Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, Florida, was invited to lecture on new hair loss treatments and solutions at the University of Bologna. The event was hosted by Dr. Paolo G. Morselli, a Plastic Surgery Associate Professor who has been personally honored as an “Unsung Hero” by the Dalai Lama, and by Dr. Bianca Maria Piraccini, a Dermatology Associate Professor at the University of Bologna.

“It was a very productive visit by Dr. Bauman here in Bologna,” commented Dr. Morselli “The information he brought to us regarding patient care and medical hair restoration will be very helpful to our students and to our faculty and most importantly to hair loss sufferers in Italy and beyond.”

Dr. Bauman’s lecture, entitled, “Frontiers in Hair Restoration: The Modern Medical, Surgical and Cosmetic Management of Hair Loss,” focused on the newest and most effective therapies for treating hair loss in men and women. To request a copy of Dr. Bauman’s presentation complete the online request form at https://hai.rs/baumanbologna

“We are so happy to have hosted such an influential international medical community leader here in Bologna,” stated Dr. Piraccini “Listening to Dr. Bauman’s lecture and meeting him in person was very exciting not only for me and for our faculty, but also very valuable and educational for our students here at the University’s Dermatology and Plastic Surgery programs.”

Dr. Bauman At The University Of Bologna With Prof. Dr. Morselli

Dr. Bauman at the University of Bologna with Prof. Dr. Morselli

Dr. Bauman was invited to lecture in part because of his novel and comprehensive approach to treating hair loss, which includes recommending the Italian-made Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories “CNC” hair replacement system, which was recently approved and classified as a medical device by the Italian Ministry of Health, along with other proven and highly-effective non-surgical therapies, pharmaceuticals and surgical solutions. “For men and women who are not candidates for transplantation such as Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis sufferers, the CNC hair replacement system does an amazing job in improving lives by using advanced game-changing technology,” Dr. Bauman explained.

Alopecia Totalis sufferer Claudia Cassia of Venice who has been completely bald for 23 years and is the founder of the 1,000+ member Facebook support group ‘Alopecia & Co.’ echoed Dr. Bauman’s sentiments after meeting him in person during his visit to Italy. Claudia owns over 20 wigs, but was moved to tears when she saw herself in the mirror for the first time with her new CNC system, saying, “This is a horrible disease that causes us to feel like we should crawl low to the ground in an effort to become invisible to the world and invisible to ourselves. I want to thank the wonderful staff at Cesare Ragazzi and especially Stefano Ospitali and Dr. Bauman who enlightened me on new medical and scientific attempts to treat and reduce the damage caused by alopecia, including this amazing and beautiful new CNC hair system.”

In addition to the Italian-made CNC hair replacement system that is now available at his office in Boca Raton inside salonB, Dr. Bauman’s lecture covered medical and minimally invasive no-linear-scar surgical options, including NeoGraft and ARTAS robotic-assisted FUE hair transplants. Other breakthrough hair regrowth treatments discussed included Formula 82M Compounded Minoxidil, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), prostaglandin analogs, and new FDA-approved low level laser light therapy devices like the LCPRO LaserCap and Capillus.

About Dr. Alan J. Bauman:
Alan J. Bauman, M.D. is a full-time hair transplant surgeon who has treated over 17,000 patients and performed over 7,000 hair transplant procedures since starting his hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997 in Boca Raton, Florida. He is one of only approximately one hundred surgeons board-certified in hair restoration by the American and International Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS), a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) and an accepted member of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS).  For more information about the hair and scalp solutions from the presentation or to make an in-office or long-distance appointment with Dr. Bauman visit https://www.baumanmedical.com or call +1-561-394-0024.  To learn more about scalp and hair treatments and CNC hair replacement systems visit https://www.salonBBoca.com For details about Dr. Bauman’s training program for medical professionals who want to learn how to help patients with hair and scalp problems visit https://www.trichology.training

About Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories:
Owned by AdviHair, a subsidiary of AdviCorp Plc., Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is the established market leader and innovator in hair enhancement—combining unique proven technology with customer empathy. Since opening our first private clinic over forty years ago we have treated over a million clients from all over the world.  We are proud to be working with respected expert physicians and thought leaders like Dr. Alan Bauman who care so deeply about their hair loss patients. Our scientific hair care and scalp treatment programs along with our advanced medical CNC hair replacement systems change lives for the better. CNC clients have the confidence to enjoy a natural and active lifestyle, feel a positive sense of wellbeing and live life without compromises. For more information visit https://www.cesareragazzi.com/en or call +39-051-6174267

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