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VIDEO: Scalp Burn Survivor Misty Receives CNC Hair Prosthesis

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Scalp Burn Survivor Receives Life-changing CNC Hair Replacement

Misty is a 37-year-old Caucasian female burn survivor who lives in San Antonio, TX and her story is as follows: For the last 24 years, Misty has been searching for a solution to her life-long struggle of trying to conceal the bald, scarred area on her scalp. About 25 years ago, Misty’s scalp was severely burned by a hot grease fire. In an attempt to save her dog from the smoke and flames inside her house, Misty slipped backward as she rushed past her brother who was carrying a skillet of flaming and smoking cooking grease. The grease splashed onto her head and severely burned 75% of her scalp and some of her face. Misty has endured over 12 surgeries throughout the years as surgeons worked to graft the skin back onto her head. While the skin grafts were successful, Misty was left scarred and disfigured at the tender age of 12 years old. Misty has endured the stigma of this horrible accident and her resulting disfigurement and has experienced tremendous challenges finding steady and/or meaningful employment throughout her life. To try to conceal her scalp, she has been in a constant battle throughout the years trying to find wigs that she can afford. Because of these low-quality, ill-fitting wigs, she struggles with excessive irritation and, occasionally, small wounds due to the poor quality of these hairpieces and the friction they cause. Because of her current financial situation, she is unable to maintain and care for her scalp and her remaining hair as she should, much less afford the proper tapes and adhesives for her current wig. She learned about Dr. Bauman’s non-profit foundation through celebrity hairstylist Martino Cartier’s fundraiser in NJ called Wigs and Wishes where Dr. Bauman was awarded the “Guardian Angel Award,” and reached out to contact him. Dr. Bauman provided Misty with a pro bono 3d-printed “CNC” Italian Hair System / Medical-Grade Cranial Prosthetic at Bauman Medical Group on Tuesday June 20th. The high-tech hair and scalp prosthetic has been under construction in Italy for 12 weeks and took over 240 man-hours to create using 3D-printing technology and approximately 100,000 strands of 100% unprocessed “virgin” human hair.

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