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VIDEO: Brain Cancer Patient Genny Receives CNC Hair Prosthesis

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Cancer Patient Receives Non-Surgical Hair Replacement from Dr. Alan J. Bauman

Cancer survivor and hair loss patient Genny Robinson expressed her gratitude when Dr. Alan J. Bauman presented her with a beautiful customized high-tech medical-grade “virgin” human hair prosthetic. “Having my new CNC hair system has totally enhanced my life,” Genny Robinson said. “This truly is my dream come true – if you were to look at me, you would never be able to tell my hair wasn’t natural. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face. As a woman, your hair is a vital part of your every day appearance. Feeling good about the way I look is a blessing, especially at this time in my life, as I face so many other challenges. I am overwhelmed with the generosity of all of the people in Dr. Bauman’s office, Martino himself, as well as the staff from Cesare Ragazzi.” For many cancer patients, hair loss is a painful reality—a trigger of intense emotions and a daily reminder of the health situation that often seems out of their control. Genny Robinson, a recently married 28-year old woman from New Jersey, is one of just 22 people to undergo an experimental treatment at Duke University for recurrent glioblastoma using genetically engineered poliovirus. Her story gained national attention when 60 Minutes featured this potentially groundbreaking cancer treatment earlier this year.

How Did Genny Find Dr. Bauman and the CNC Hair and Scalp Prosthetic?

Celebrity hairstylist and philanthropist Martino Cartier, founder of the non-profit Friends Are By Your Side charity, referred Genny to Dr. Bauman for evaluation and treatment of the significant baldness caused by her lifesaving brain cancer treatments now that she is in remission. During Genny’s initial consultation this spring, Dr. Bauman and his team collected measurements, a scalp template mold and other data, conducted dermatologic skin testing for compatibility, and have been in close contact with the Genny’s medical team at Duke. The Bauman Philanthropic Foundation, Dr. Bauman’s non-profit charity, generously created a pro-bono plan to help Genny deal with her hair loss through the use of an advanced custom-made hair and scalp prosthetic. “While Genny may be a good candidate for hair transplantation in the future, her current health status precludes her from undergoing a hair transplant at this time,” commented Dr. Bauman. “Utilizing this new hair replacement system will help this brave young woman overcome her hair loss and feel even more beautiful as she continues her healing—inside and out.” On July 15th, Genny flew from her home in New Jersey to salonB in Boca Raton, Florida, where she received her handcrafted medical hair and scalp prosthetic called CNC, created by Cesare Ragazzi in Italy. Genny’s Italian hair system was applied by the in-house trichology team at salonB, and styled by celebrity hairstylist Martino Cartier.

What is a CNC Hair Prosthesis Hair Replacement?

Considered a medical device by the Italian Ministry of Health, the CNC hair replacement system is much more than just a “medical wig.” CNC is internationally known within the medical community as the most sophisticated, highest quality, medical-grade non-surgical hair replacement system. “As a Hair Restoration Physician, I’m familiar with how much of a psychological boost patients receive from restoring their hair. For patients who are not good candidates for transplantation, the CNC hair system does an amazing job using game-changing technology. It’s the highest quality hair replacement I’ve ever seen—completely indistinguishable from a full head of healthy hair. It was an absolute thrill to see Genny’s face light up when she received her CNC and got it styled by Martino. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.” said Bauman.

Good candidates for a full or partial medical-grade cranial prosthesis or CNC from Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories include men and women diagnosed with alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, trichotillomania, or any disease resulting in donor area depletion, chemotherapy, severe scalp injury from trauma, scars, burns, surgery, treatment side-effects or other accidents resulting in severe hair loss. SalonB is located within Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, Florida. To schedule an appointment for either offering, call Bauman Medical at 561-394-0024 or visit https://www.baumanmedical.com/schedule-consultation

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