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VIDEO: Hair Loss Myths + PDOgro on NBC Palm Beach Hair Loss Awareness Month

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VIDEO: Hair Loss Myths + PDOgro on NBC Palm Beach – Hair Loss Awareness Month

Hair Loss Myths, PDOgro Hair Growth, and FUE Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplants
w/ Dr. Alan Bauman During Hair Loss Awareness Month on NBC Palm Beach WPTV

00:00 Announcer: Now from WPTV, this is Today on 5 at 11.

00:05 Ashleigh Walters: Hair loss affects more people than you think. Maybe it affects you.

00:09 Hollani Davis: That’s right, we’ve got an expert on standby to bust up some of the top hair loss myths. That’s coming up next.


00:20 Hollani Davis: August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month. This affects 80 million Americans, about 50 million men, and 30 million women. So we are so glad to have a board-certified hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Alan Bauman here with us to bust up some hair loss myths. I am floored just from talking to you these last couple of minutes, so let’s start with this. Myth one, I can see my hair loss happening. I would say, “Of course.”

00:45 Dr. Alan Bauman: Well first all, thanks for having me. It’s Hair Loss Awareness month, so we’re super excited to be here to tell people about what they can do about hair loss. But no, if you’re trying to track hair loss on your own, you’re outta luck. Science shows that you can lose 50% of your hair without it being noticeable to the naked eye.

01:00 Hollani Davis: Really?

01:00 Dr. Bauman: So yeah, you might feel it in the ponytail, but visually it’ll look like coverage.

01:02 Hollani Davis: You’re not necessarily seeing it.

01:03 Dr. Bauman: Right. And then by the time you see it lost, you’ve already lost a lot.

01:06 Hollani Davis: Alright, here we go. Myth two, I can see my hair loss happening, and I can treat myself.

01:12 Dr. Bauman: So if you’re trying to treat yourself at home, it can be difficult. So, the over-the-counter treatments are very, very weak. They can have side effects.

01:18 Hollani Davis: I think we see a new shampoo every week, yeah.

01:20 Dr. Bauman: And you’re not gonna be able to track your results because you don’t have a way to measure it; you’re waiting way too long to see what’s happening. And signs that things are working, like a shedding phase, could be a positive sign that things are working, instead of what you interpret as a negative sign.

01:34 Hollani Davis: Okay. Myth three, my dermatologist can treat my hair loss.

01:38 Dr. Bauman: Well derms are good with hair and skin diagnosis, but they may not have the state-of-the-art treatments available, and they’re not gonna typically be able to measure your progress over time, which is really important for compliance and to get the best results.

01:49 Hollani Davis: Got it. Take me through the difference between laser therapy, medications, and then hair transplants.

01:54 Dr. Bauman: So laser therapy and medications, those types of treatments are gonna protect and enhance the follicle function, but if the follicle’s dead and gone, you’re gonna need some transplants out there.

02:04 Hollani Davis: What are we looking at right there?

02:05 Dr. Bauman: So we’re looking at… This is a non-invasive treatment, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, this is a hair transplant. He’s got baldness, receding hairline. And you’re looking at the results after a certain amount of time, six to 12 months. This is the latest and greatest non-invasive therapy. So this is lunchtime PDOgro.

02:20 Hollani Davis: I was gonna ask you, this what you can do kind of at lunchtime seriously, like an hour, two hours.

02:25 Dr. Bauman: So a lotta people know about PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma, that’s a cell therapy type treatment. PDOgro is the insertion of threads into the scalp that dissolve over time, you don’t feel them or see them.

02:35 Hollani Davis: I was gonna ask you, is that comfortable?

02:36 Dr. Bauman: There’s no recovery, no downtime.

02:38 Hollani Davis: Okay.

02:38 Dr. Bauman: You don’t need much more than a Tylenol that night. But as those threads dissolve, you get a boost of hair growth.

02:43 Hollani Davis: Who is the perfect candidate or maybe I should say the “ideal” candidate?

02:47 Dr. Bauman: So the ideal candidate for an evaluation is someone that’s out there seeing some hair loss going on, maybe noticing a receding hairline or a bald spot, perhaps, going on. And we look and we see, are there follicles that we can protect and enhance using the medical therapies or are the follicles dead and gone?  Then we would use the latest and greatest Follicular Unit Extraction approach. No scalpel, no-stitch harvesting and an artistic way to recreate the hairline and make you look good and feel great.

03:14 Hollani Davis: Well, everybody wants that, don’t they? Thank you so much for coming in. Such great information.

03:18 Dr. Bauman: Thanks for having me.

03:19 Hollani Davis: Busting up those hair myths. We really appreciate it. We’ll get you back in soon.

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