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Does LaserCap Work for Hair Loss?

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Does LaserCap laser therapy work for hair loss?

The answer is “yes” but with some qualifications*. Currently there are no treatments for hair thinning and hair loss that revive follicles that are dead and gone. The only solution for areas with severe depletion of hair follicles is a hair transplant procedure. However, laser therapy, when used properly, works to improve hair follicle function and reverse the effects of hereditary hair loss by helping hair follicles produce a thicker, longer, healthier and more pigmented hair. When hair follicles are being affected by male and female pattern hair loss, they first go through a process of miniaturization–producing a thinner, weaker, wispier, less pigmented hair over time. The use of FDA-approved laser therapy devices for hair regrowth help slow, stop and very often reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles.

How does laser therapy work?

Laser light has been scientifically proven to be absorbed and converted by the cells within the target hair follicles into energy called ATP. ATP is the cellular “fuel” that cells utilize to perform their various function. Over time, with the optimal dosage, delivery and frequency of use, laser therapy helps hair follicles produce better quality hair, enhancing hair growth and reversing hair loss. The good news is that laser therapy NEVER has side effects!

How do you use LaserCap device?

LaserCap is a portable, powerful, hands-free device specifically designed by hair loss sufferer and inventor, Dr. Michael Rabin. Dr. Rabin envisioned a device that was easy to use that also allowed for optimal laser energy distribution to the scalp. At Bauman Medical, we’ve treated thousands of patients with laser therapy for hair regrowth, and we’ve noticed that the easier and more powerful the device, the better the hair growth results.

In just thirty minutes of treatment every other day, our patients can start to measure improvements in just three months and often see hair growth changes on photos and “in the mirror” in about six to twelve months. [Hair grows at a rate of about 1cm per month, so it takes time to measure and see improvements!]

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*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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