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VIDEO: Topical Finasteride for Hair Growth

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VIDEO: Topical Finasteride for Hair Growth

Is Topical Finasteride A Safer Hair Growth Alternative to Oral Finasteride/Propecia?

Concerned about the side-effects of taking finasteride/Propecia orally for hair regrowth? Have you wondered if finasteride is effective topically? In a recent Bulletproof Radio podcast, hair restoration expert and pioneer Dr. Alan J. Bauman and Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey discuss topical finasteride as an effective treatment alternative or adjunct for hair regrowth that may reduce the chance of side-effects commonly associated with oral finasteride (propecia).

Science has proven DHT dihydrotestosterone is a primary trigger for male pattern hair loss. Oral finasteride has been FDA-approved for hair regrowth since the 1990s because it is a potent DHT reducing agent that blocks the 5-AR (5-alpha-reductase) enzyme responsible for making DHT from testosterone. In multiple long-term peer-reviewed double-blind randomized cross-over studies, oral finasteride is 90% successful in slowing, stopping, and reversing hereditary hair loss in men and is also often used off-label as a treatment for post-menopausal women with hereditary female pattern hair loss. However, the risk of mild and temporary sexual side effects in men (approximately 2% more than placebo) deters many patients from choosing finasteride as an option. Recent published scientific research has supported the observations that topical finasteride may be a powerful hair regrowth treatment by lowering DHT in the scalp but without the traditional risks of oral use.

Is Topical Finasteride the Latest Hair Growth “Hack?”

Did you know that Dr. Bauman was one of the first physicians in North America to routinely prescribe Topical Finasteride to his patients? Find out the latest research on topical finasteride and why doctors believe it has fewer risks than oral finasteride. Watch the video clip below as the Father of Biohacking Dave Asprey discusses Topical Finasteride with Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan Bauman.

Is Topical Finasteride Right For You?

Learn answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Compounded Topical Finasteride and Minoxidil (aka “Finoxidil” Formula 82F) that Dr. Bauman has prescribed for years for his patients and schedule a consultation to discuss the risks and benefits of this hair growth treatment.

Topical Finasteride

Where to Buy Topical Finasteride?

Compounded Topical Finasteride+Minoxidil (aka Finoxidil) Formula 82F is a prescription medication and therefore is not available directly to patients without a prescription. Formula 82F is a powerful but nonsticky, non-greasy, easy to apply, and quick-dry formula. Many so-called “liposomal” formulations are greasy, sticky, and gooey–making hairstyling a problem. Compounded Formula 82F Finoxidil will NOT leave a greasy residue and will actively block DHT at the level of the scalp hair follicles.

Bauman patients can discuss topical finasteride as an alternative or adjunct to their existing hair growth regimen by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Alan Bauman.

*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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