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VIDEO: Why is Smartgraft Called “The iPhone of FUE Hair Transplant Devices?”

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VIDEO: LIVE Review of SmartGraft FUE Device

Dr. Alan Bauman Discusses why SmartGraft is called “The iPhone of FUE Hair Transplant Devices” on Fox5 Las Vegas

According to the American Hair Loss Association, balding and thinning hair affects around 80 Million Americans, and many believe that number is underestimated.  Hair transplantation used to be considered a painful, pluggy, unnatural experience–leaving patients with long linear scars to hide, but no more! New tools allow for the individual harvesting of grafts for transplantation creating increased demand amongst patients seeking to look good and feel great by restoring their own living and growing hair undetectably.

SmartGraft Review Video

At Cosmoprof North America, the largest business-to-business beauty expo event in the western hemisphere, reporter Mike Doria (Fox5 Las Vegas) visits with hair loss expert and board-certified hair restoration physician, Dr. Alan Bauman to discuss minimally-invasive no-linear-scar hair transplants and the latest breakthrough device to help surgeons. Here is his review of SmartGraft.

SmartGraft is a device that allows hair transplant surgeons to harvest individual follicular-unit grafts from the donor scalp as small as a single hair follicle. This minimally-invasive FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction / Excision method helps experienced surgeons restore balding and thinning areas with less discomfort, less downtime and absolutely NO linear scar left behind.

“SmartGraft is the iPhone of minimally-invasive FUE hair transplant devices… a game-changer for surgeons and patients alike.”
–Dr Alan J Bauman, MD, IAHRS, ABHRS

Watch this video with full-time ABHRS-certified and IAHRS-accepted doctor, Dr Alan Bauman MD to learn about the advanced SmartGraft FUE device and the way it can help harvest the follicles and store them in a cool, hydrated and “friendly” environment to improve results for patients. It has been scientifically proven that mishandled grafts have a poorer survival rate and poorer quality hair growth. Dr. Bauman provided this review of SmartGraft LIVE on the air with reporter Mike Doria from Fox5 Las Vegas.

Dr. Bauman uses SmartGraft FUE, Neograft FUE and the ARTAS Robotic-Assisted FUE in his practice in Florida. When choosing a doctor for your hair transplant procedure, keep in mind that the harvesting method is important but the artistic skill of the surgeon determines the final undetectability of the outcome of your hair transplant, so choose your surgeon based on experience and expertise.


Video Transcript:

00:00 Announcer: Live from Las Vegas, Fox5 News This Morning starts now.

00:04 Jason: Some stories are just gift-wrapped in a nice bow and handed to us, and this is one of them.

00:11 Monica: Yeah. A hair loss convention being covered by Mike Doria.


00:17 Monica: He and his chrome dome are doing some investigating this morning over at CosmoProf. It’s the convention designed for all things in the beauty industry. So, Mike, there’s some new techniques out there for you?

00:30 Mike Doria: You got a lot of nerve, Monica.


00:33 MD: Your hair comes in a bag from overseas. At least you have hair coming in.


00:38 MD: I’d have to watch mine grow in one of these three tubes with this new SmartGraft. It’s like the, what’d you call it, the iPhone of hair grafting?

00:45 Dr Alan Bauman: SmartGraft is the iPhone of hair transplant surgery devices.

00:48 Monica: Wow!

00:49 MD: So how does it work? [chuckle]

00:50 DB: This is a device that allows us to take the individual follicles, one at a time, from the back of the scalp, without leaving any linear scarring behind.

00:58 MD: And that’s important. I guess I would never know, I haven’t had this done, but pain and scarring is kind of a big deal?

01:05 DB: Correct. So old styles procedures left a linear scar, had a long downtime, stitches or staples. This procedure has a much less downtime, much less discomfort, much quicker recovery, and absolutely no linear scar left behind.

01:17 MD: And so I’m gonna do my best to try and explain. This is Dr. Alan Bauman. He’s awesome. He’s like the guru of hair transplant. But he said it sucks up the hair follicle through that, goes through the tube, and into this dishes or cups where it keeps them moist and…

01:30 DB: Absolutely. So that’s… The greatest innovation with this device is that when the follicle is harvested, it’s gonna then be transferred and stored right into this container, where it’s gonna be kept moist and cool while it’s awaiting transplantation. And the reason why we want that is because it’s gonna improve the growth rate and then the quality of hair on the backend when it grows.

01:48 MD: Well, you know what they say, “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”


01:51 MD: By the way, that’s what it would look like afterwards. I have an idea. What if we got… You know how at the zoo they had a live cam with that giraffe waiting to have the baby? What if we’ve got a live cam, Monica and Jason, and we just watched my hair follicles grow in that dish? I don’t know if that would… I’m hopeless.


02:09 Monica: But, Mike, this is really interesting stuff. I mean, imagine folks who have lupus or other diseases. I know folks who have and they’ve lost their hair. Is this for women as well?

02:20 MD: Well, so Monica’s asking, people with lupus who have lost their hair, for women, could this help women as well?

02:26 DB: So if you have a scarring type of alopecia, a hair transplant is probably not gonna work for you. But it’s really important to go see a board certified hair restoration physician to really get the proper diagnosis so you know what’s right for you, whether it’s a medication, a laser light device, PRP, platelet-rich plasma treatment, or hair transplant surgery.

02:47 MD: Gotcha.

02:47 DB: The American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery is the place to go to find the board certified doctors. There’s only about 200 of us, and we’re board certified in hair restoration surgery.

02:56 MD: Alright. Well, I hope that answers that. By the way, 130,000 hair follicles on an healthy head of hair. I have probably less than 30,000.

03:02 Monica: Oh, boy. That’s good information, Mike. Thank you.


03:05 Monica: Alright. 7:11 right now.

03:06 MD: Yeah, for somebody who can get hair transplants.


03:08 Jason: I knew that would be a great, great report.

03:10 Monica: I knew it was. Yeah, of course.


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