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Thinning hair? These “A-list” nutrients can help

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Thinning hair? These “A-list” nutrients can help

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Hello, it’s Dr. Bauman.

Earlier this month, some of Hollywood’s biggest stars walked the red carpet at the 2022 Met Gala in New York City.

Maybe you follow the fashions and trends of celebrity events like the Met Gala; or, maybe it’s not your cup of tea.

Either way, one thing is certain: If you’re hosting a celebrity event like the Met Gala, you want a who’s who of A-list celebrities to attend.

Likewise, if you’re formulating a premium hair health supplement, then you must use the best and most effective ingredients.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our new A-LIST Hair Vitamin Complex.

You can learn more about it here.

Thinning Hair? These “A-List” Nutrients Can Help - -

We call this premium multivitamin The A-LIST because it includes 20+ of the most important and influential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help promote healthier hair.

One of the “stars” of this powerful multivitamin is L-Lysine.

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps your body produce more keratin, the “building block” of healthy hair.

Additionally, L-Lysine supplementation has been shown to reverse hair loss symptoms like shedding and thinning by acting as a DHT blocker.

As you may know, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a hormone that’s extremely harmful to your hair.

DHT can shrink your hair follicles, causing your hair to become thinner and more brittle. DHT also shortens your hair’s growth cycle, and makes your hair fall out faster. (1)

And while DHT is the #1 cause of male pattern baldness, it can cause hair loss in women, too.

So the fact that L-Lysine helps to fight the damage done by DHT, secures this essential amino acid’s reputation as an A-list superstar for healthier, thicker hair.

In fact, studies show that not getting enough L-Lysine causes increased hair shedding and hair loss. (2)

Thing is, L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning your body can’t make it on its own. You have to get L-Lysine from foods or supplements.

Some of the best food-based sources of L-Lysine include cod and sardines, red meat, and spirulina (a type of algae).

But perhaps the easiest way to get the L-Lysine you need for optimal hair health is via supplementation. That’s why I added 250 mg of high-quality L-Lysine to every serving of The A-LIST.

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In addition to L-Lysine, The A-LIST also includes:

  • Biotin — A vitamin that stimulates the production of keratin, a protein that acts as the building blocks of your hair.
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — An amino acid that studies show can help promote hair growth.
  • Pantothenic Acid — This vitamin plays a role in maintaining both the health and color of your hair.
  • Olive Fruit Extract — To help fight free radicals that can trigger inflammation and hair loss.
  • Plus 18 additional hair healthy nutrients!

As you can see, The A-LIST is a comprehensive and robust formula featuring researched-effective hair health nutrients.

When you supplement with The A-LIST first thing in the morning, these power nutrients will work around the clock to help you grow stronger, healthier looking hair… support healthy levels of inflammation and promote scalp health… and improve your overall sense of well-being.

If you’re already taking a multi, shouldn’t you switch to one that helps build a healthier body and healthier hair?

And if you’re not taking a multi yet, then trying The A-LIST is a great idea.

Not only is it specifically formulated for better hair…

It’s also backed by our 100% Satisfaction 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So you can try it today at no risk.

Ready to get started?

>> Go here to learn more about the ingredients in The A-LIST Hair Health Multivitamin and what they can do for you!


Alan J. Bauman, MD
Medical Director of Bauman Medical

Scientific references

1. Marchetti PM, Barth JH. “Clinical biochemistry of dihydrotestosterone.” Ann Clin Biochem. 2013 Mar;50(Pt 2):95-107.
2. DH Rushton. “Nutritional factors and hair loss.” Clin Exp Dermatol. 2002 Jul;27(5):396-404.

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