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NASA breakthrough regrows hair in 5 mins a day? 🚀

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Hello, it’s Dr. Bauman.

If you want a fuller, healthier head of hair — from the comfort of home — then a breakthrough NASA-developed technology using low-level laser therapy can help.

NASA first developed this technology to grow plants on space shuttle missions.

And it was later adapted as a way to heal astronauts who were injured while working on the International Space Station.

Today, this breakthrough technology is being used as a safe, proven way to regrow your hair — often in treatments of just 5 minutes a day.

So what is this NASA-developed technology that can give you thicker, healthier hair?

As you may have guessed, it’s low-level laser therapy.

Low-level laser therapy LLLT, also called photobiomodulation or PBM, is a proven, non-chemical, side effect-free hair regrowth treatment.

It works because the laser light boosts blood flow to your follicles, bringing nutrients and energy your hair needs to grow.

Also, laser therapy directly increases the amount of energy your hair follicle cells produce, so you can grow thicker hair.

I’ve been recommending this therapy for over 20 years and our patients have been thrilled with the results.

Trouble is, the market is flooded with a glut of low-quality laser helmets, bands, combs, and other devices that, often, don’t work.

Because of that, it was difficult (if not impossible) to find high-quality LLLT technology you could use in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

As a result, most people missed out on the hair regrowth results of LLLT.

That’s why I developed the Bauman TURBO LaserCap. So my patients could reap the hair restoration benefits of LLLT at home.

The award-winning Bauman TURBO LaserCap is different from every other LLLT device on the market I’ve seen.

For starters, it has 300 high-quality pure laser diodes so you can deliver more hair growing energy to your follicles in less time. No other LaserCap I’ve seen comes close to offering this kind of power.

Take it from a health expert like Dave Asprey, New York Times bestselling author, podcaster and Founder of the Bulletproof brand.

Dave’s been using red light therapy for almost 20 years. And he told me the Bauman TURBO LaserCap has “more lasers in it than I’ve ever seen in anything else.”

He loves it. And I think you will, too.

Here’s more on what makes the Bauman TURBO LaserCap the best at-home laser treatment for hair regrowth on the market today:

  • Fastest treatment time: Just 5 minutes a day thanks to 300 high-quality diodes and technological improvements for maximum power output, delivering more energy in less time.
  • Expanded coverage: 300 high-quality laser diodes deliver more energy and power to 25% more area of the scalp than any other portable hands-free laser hair regrowth device on the market.
  • Easy to travel with: A collapsible, flexible spine construction lets you pack it completely flat in your backpack, bag, briefcase, or suitcase.
  • Improved battery: Thanks to longer battery life, you never have to skip a treatment to recharge.
  • Adjustable, customizable, shareable: Two size-adjustment “click strips” give you a customized fit no matter what your head size. Adjust the size in seconds for a perfect fit.
  • Lifetime warranty: If the Bauman TURBO LaserCap ever breaks or malfunctions, return it to us and we’ll replace or repair it, no questions asked.

There’s simply nothing else quite like the Bauman TURBO LaserCap available today. And that’s also why AskMen awarded it their coveted Best Hair Loss Innovation award.

When it comes to at-home hair regrowth treatments that deliver results you can see, laser therapy is a great option — but ONLY if you choose a high-quality device.

I put my name on the Bauman TURBO LaserCap because I know how well it works.

>> Go here to learn more or to secure your own Bauman TURBO LaserCap.

Or, call us at 561-394-0024 with questions.


Dr. Alan Bauman, MD, ABHRS, FISHRS
Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery
Fellow, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
(561) 394-0024 – Work


P.S. — Maybe you’re wondering what kind of results you can expect from your Bauman TURBO LaserCap.

While everyone’s results will differ, here’s what I can tell you:

If you use your Bauman TURBO LaserCap daily, and as directed, you can expect to see improvements in both the density and quality of your hair over the next 6 to 12 months.

Simply from a 5-minute treatment you can do at home while surfing the internet, watching TV, or relaxing.

Here’s what Lewis Cohen, one of our patients, has to say: “I never miss a day of TURBO uses, and my wife uses it as well. My barber still can’t believe what coming to Bauman Medical has done for my hair.”

>> Go here to learn more or to secure your own Bauman TURBO LaserCap.

Or, call us at 561-394-0024 with questions.

If you or someone you know has hair loss, hair thinning, baldness, or eyebrow / eyelash concerns, click to start either a long-distance virtual consultation OR an in-person, in-office consultation with Dr. Bauman. You can also Ask Dr. Bauman a Question or simply call Bauman Medical Group  at +1-561-394-0024.

*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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