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PRE-OP INSTRUCTIONSThe following Pre-Operative Instructions have been designed to enhance the comfort, recovery, safety and results of your procedure. You should review these instructions in their entirety as soon as you have made the decision to have a procedure. For any questions or concerns, please call our office.Two Weeks Prior to Surgery
• Review the ‘Detrimental Herbs, Supplements, Medications & Foods List’ and avoid those substances listed until one week after your procedure. Specifically:
• AVOID taking Aspirin, Motrin/Ibuprofen/Aleve, Vitamin E, Garlic, Ginseng, or products containing these items prior to your procedure. Tylenol may be used as a substitute.
• DO NOT consume alcoholic beverages for 2 weeks prior to surgery.
• If prescribed, continue to take Propecia pills before, during and after your procedure.
• You may continue topical Rogaine/Minoxidil up through the day of your procedure.
• You may continue Laser Therapy (if prescribed) up to the day before your procedure.
• Stop smoking and AVOID second-hand smoke.
• Decide on your post-op healing regimen (for example: GraftCyte®/copper-peptide soaks, Low Level Laser Therapy, Hyperbaric Therapy, etc.) and nutritional supplements (optional). Smokers, ex-smokers and those with a history of slow healing should arrange for extra post-op hyperbaric treatments.
• Ideally, hair at the sides and back of the scalp should be a length of at least one inch to allow coverage of the stitches immediately after your procedure.
• Cut, color and perm your hair one to two weeks prior to surgery, if desired. Color/cuts/perms may resume anytime two weeks after your procedure.
• If requested, fax all paperwork (labs, forms, etc.) to our office: 561-394-4522.
• Confirm your accommodations arrangements for the night of your procedure, if applicable. If you live more than 60- 90 minutes from our office by car, it is recommended that you stay overnight in Boca Raton (near our office) on the evening before and the evening following your procedure. (Please inform the office if you need assistance.)One Week Prior to Surgery
• Continue to avoid Aspirin, detrimental herbs, supplements and alcohol.
• DO NOT lift weights, exercise, or play vigorous sports for one week prior to surgery (including running/jogging). Participation in these activities just prior to your procedure tends to increase bleeding.
• Get proper rest and nutrition. Do not stay up late, work long hours or skip meals.
• Arrange for your transportation to and from our office on the day of your procedure (Please inform the office if you need assistance). You will not be allowed to drive following your procedure.
• Continue Propecia, Rogaine(minoxidil) and laser therapy, if applicable.
• If you live more than 60-90 minutes from our office by car, it is recommended that you stay overnight in Boca Raton after your procedure (and perhaps even the night before) for maximum convenience for your surgery day and your 24-hour post-op examination. Our office will gladly assist you in making transportation and/or accommodations arrangements.
• Inform our office of any special dietary restrictions (Kosher, Vegetarian, etc.), as our office will provide lunch for you the day of surgery.
Five Days Prior to Surgery
• Continue to avoid exercise, alcohol, aspirin, detrimental herbs & supplements.
• Begin high-protein diet and continue for two weeks following surgery for optimal healing.
• Absolutely NO heavy workouts or high-impact sports.
• Confirm post-op healing regimen (hyperbaric oxygen, copper-soaks, laser therapy, etc.).
One Day Prior to Surgery
• Shampoo/condition your hair/scalp with your regular hair care products the night before surgery.
• Continue to avoid exercise, alcohol, aspirin, detrimental herbs & supplements.
Day of Surgery
• Congratulations, your day has arrived!
• Shampoo/condition your scalp again with your regular shampoo the morning of surgery. Avoid all hairspray, mousse or hair gel. (An anti-bacterial scalp wash will also be performed at the office prior to your procedure.)
• Take your Propecia, if prescribed.
• Bring several videos or DVD’s for viewing, or choose from our library of movies.
• Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, as you will be seated for several hours.
• Wear a shirt that unbuttons completely down the front. (NO polo’s or tee’s)
• DO NOT wear a garment with a tight-fitting neck (without buttons) that would be difficult to remove or replace over your head.
• Confirm your transportation/accommodations arrangements. Do not drive your car to our office. You WILL NOT be allowed to drive yourself home after the procedure. Please inform us if you need assistance in making transportation arrangements.
• Eat a good, solid breakfast before arriving at the office, NO CAFFEINE PLEASE.
• On the day of surgery, arrive at our Boca Raton office at 7:30 AM, sharp or earlier, unless instructed otherwise. If you arrive a few minutes early, please be patient, a staff member will let you in to the office at exactly 7:30AM.
Arrival at the Office/Before Your Procedure Begins
• The Informed Consent form will be reviewed and signed.
• You may ask questions at any time.
• Anti-swelling/anti-bruising tablets and a mild sedative (Valium) will be given.
• Pre-operative Low Level Laser Therapy treatment will be administered.
• Your scalp will be washed in our mechanical antiseptic scalp-wash machine.
• Pre-operative medical photographs will be taken.
• You will be introduced to Dr. Bauman’s team of surgical assistants.
• Dr. Bauman will review the planned procedure in detail (including the hairline design, if applicable). Your priorities, questions and concerns will be addressed.
During Your Procedure:
• You will be comfortably seated and can watch DVD’s or videos, listen to music or nap.
• You may use the restroom or have a soft drink at any time.
• Our office will provide you with lunch (please inform us of any dietary restrictions).
• Dr. Bauman and up to five microsurgical technicians will be working in the room.
During Your Procedure (con’t)—“Who Does What…?”
• Based on your treatment goals, Dr. Bauman designs and plans the ‘donor’ and ‘recipient’ areas.
• Supervised by Dr. Bauman, the staff assists in comfortably applying the local anesthesia.
• Dr. Bauman harvests and sutures the donor area.
• Supervised by Dr. Bauman, the staff assists in dissecting the donor tissue into micrografts as well as meticulously tracking the number and size of the dissected grafts. Follicular-unit grafts typically contain 1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 hairs each.
• Dr. Bauman artistically makes the ‘recipient sites’ (incisions) which determine the aesthetic outcome of the procedure (the angle, orientation and position of each transplanted hair). The sites are electronically counted while they are being made.
• Supervised by Dr. Bauman, the staff assists with the implantation of the micrografts into their respective sites.
• The staff will provide you with all medications and after-care instructions as the placement of the grafts is being completed.
• Dr. Bauman and/or a medical staff member will discharge you after a comprehensive examination of the completed work—typically around 4:00 or 5:00pm.
Just After Surgery
• A light bandage or hat may or may not be applied.
• You will be given all required prescription medications and detailed instructions.
• Appointments for post-operative care will be scheduled.
• You will be asked for a local telephone number where you can be reached overnight.
• You will not be allowed to drive yourself home.
• You may have a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session (if prescribed).
Follow-up Appointments (24-hour, two-week, two-month, four-month, six-month, etc.)
• The day after surgery, you will return for a 24-hour post-op check and scalp wash, if indicated. This check ensures the stability of the grafts and usually takes about 20 minutes. Graftcyte®/Copper-Peptide soak instructions (if applicable) will be given at this time and the first soak will be applied.
• The 24-hour post-op visit should take approximately 30 minutes.
• You may drive yourself to the 24-hour post-op check unless you are still taking narcotic-containing medication for discomfort.
• DO NOT drive while taking narcotic pain medications (Vicodin or Percocet)
• Post-op Low Level Laser Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy appointments may begin anytime after surgery.
• In two weeks you will return for follow-up to monitor the healing in the donor and recipient sites.
• Approximately every two months following the procedure, you are scheduled to return to the office to monitor the healing of the donor area and hair growth, which will begin to be visible in approximately four months. Your follow-up appointment schedule will be given after surgery. (It takes a full year to achieve 90% of the cosmetic result from a procedure.)
• NOTE: All follow-up appointments are critical to the success of the procedure and must be kept. For those patients who live out of the area, special arrangements will be made to schedule specific conversations (via telephone or email) to carefully monitor your recovery.
Helpful Vitamins & Herbs
While not essential, many patients have found these supplements to be helpful in accelerating and enhancing healing, recovery and their results from the procedure. Dr. Bauman will provide an Arnica/Bromelain/Vitamin C preparation with most procedures to support wound healing and to manage the minor degree of trauma from your procedure. Biotin and standard ‘hair/skin/nails’ supplements are available from our office.
Most of the other vitamins and herbs can be found at your local pharmacy, health-food store or supermarket. When used correctly they are safe and have few side effects. Do not purchase organic supplements—look for ‘pharmaceutical grade’ or ‘clinical grade’ when possible. Call the office with any questions regarding Vitamins and Herbs.
“CLINICAL TRAUMA & PROCEDURE RECOVERY” (Natural Clinician™, Little Falls NJ)
Will be provided by the office on the day of surgery. Clinical Trauma and Procedure Recovery™ is nutritional support for the normal body functions of skin and wound healing. It is a unique synergistic evidence-based array of homeopathic combined nutrients in dietary supplement form. It contains Arnica Montana, an herb that has been used for centuries to support the normal body function of healing for bruising and trauma. The addition of bromelain, antioxidants found in Grape Seed extract, Rutin and Vitamin C complete the combination of powerful healing ingredients.
• Arnica Montana 30x: A homeopathic remedy that reduces bruising and swelling.
• Bromelain 240 GDU, 100 mg: Commonly known as ‘pineapple enzyme,’ it helps manage bruising.
• Vitamin C 240mg: Free-radical scavenger, helpful in supporting wound healing and recovery.
Other Helpful Vitamins & Herbs
• Biotin 2500-5000mcg/day: essential for healthy hair growth, although most people are not deficient in this nutrient. It is normally found in meat, whole wheat and dairy products. Ask our office to obtain high-potency, high-quality, pharmaceutical grade Biotin. Side-effect is healthier and thicker nail growth.
• Zinc 20mg: 3 times daily, with food. This aids in healing.
• Coenzyme Q-10 100 mg: in biosolv or gel-cap form, twice daily. This is an immune booster, anti-oxidant, heart protectant, and promotes healing. It has no harmful side effects.
• L-Carnitine 500mg: twice a day. Aids in tissue recovery especially in patients over 40. It is also an immune booster. It may produce a body odor and some GI side effects. Only for those with normal kidney function.
• MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 1000mg: twice a day. This is a natural form of organic sulfur and an antioxidant, and has a great effect on growing hair, nails, and skin. It improves skin elasticity and thickness. MSM detoxifies the body, increases blood circulation, and reduces inflammation.
• Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg: twice daily. This is a powerful antioxidant and promotes healing.
Detrimental Herbs, Supplements, Medications & Food
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Review this list and stop any and all ‘detrimental’ herbs or medications as soon as you make the decision to have surgery, at least two weeks prior to your procedure. Below are a few common supplements to avoid and several detailed lists follow.
• Aspirin, Motrin, Vitamin E, Ginger, Garlic, Cayenne, Bilberry – May inhibit the ability of normal blood clotting and may lead to prolonged bleeding following surgery.
• Ginko Biloba – Can reduce platelet activity and may lead to prolonged bleeding. Ginko’s anticoagulant activity is considered to be three times stronger than vitamin E.
• Ginseng, Ephedra, Ma-Huang, weight-loss/performance supplements – Are associated with hypertension (high blood pressure) and rapid heart rate.
• Kava Kava and Valerian – Should not be combined with sedatives prescribed for the recovery period.
• St. John’s Wort – Can prolong the effects of some pain medications.
Chamomile tea
Fish Oil
Ginko Bilboa
Licorice Root
Ma Huang
Safflower Oil
Omega-6, Omega-3 Oils
Omega fats
St. John’s Wort
Sweet Clover
Valerian Root
Vitamin B-6
Detrimental Herbs, Supplements, Medications & Food (con’t)
Herbs, Supplements & Medications
Known to Cause Excessive Bleeding/Bruising:
The following products, or constituent(s) within products, may contribute to excessive bleeding. It is recommended that you discontinue any substances on this list at least two weeks prior to your procedure.
4-Way Cold Tablet ACA A-A Compound Accutrim
Actifed Actron Acular(Opthalmic) Advil products
Aleve Alka-Seltzer Anacin Anaprox products Andynos Anexsia Anisindione Ansaid
Anturane ASA Ascriptin Aspergum
Aspirin Aspirin suppositories Axotal Baby Aspirin
B-A-C Bayer BC powder or tablets Bexophene
Buffaprin Bufferin Buffinol Cama – Arthritis Strength Cataflam Clinoril Congespirin
Contac Cope Coricidin Coumadin
Dalteparin injection Damason Darvon Daypro
Dia-Gesic Diclofenec Dicumerol Digel
Dimetapp Sinus Dipyridamole Dolprin #3 tablets Donatab
Doxaphene Doxycycline Dristan Duragesic
Easprin Ecotrin Emagrin Forte Empirin
Emprazil Enoxaparin injection Equagesic Equazine M
Etodolac Excedrin Feldene Fenoprofen
Fiogesic Fiorgen PH Fioricet Fiorinal
Flagyl Flurbiprofen Flu-Tuss Fragmin injection
Furadantin Garlic Gemnisyn Genpril
Haltran Heparin Hydrocortisone IBU
Ibuprin Ibuprofen Indochron E-R Indocin products
Indomethacin Ketoprofen Ketorolac lbuprofen
Liquiprin Lodine Lortab ASA Lovnox injection
Lsollyl Macrodantin Magnaprin Marine Fatty Acids
Marnal Meclofenamate Meclomen Medipren
Mefenamic Acid Mellaril Menadol Meprobamate
Midol products Miradon Momentum Motrin products
Nabumetone Nalfon products Naprelan Naprosyn
Naprox X Naproxen Night-time effrvcnt. cold Norgesic products
Norwich products Nuprin Ocufen (Ophthalmic) Olsalazine
Omega-3 Fish Oil Opasal Orphengesic products Orudis products
Oruvail Oxaprozin Oxycodone Pabalate products
P-A-C Pain reliever tabs Panasal Pentasa
Pentoxyfylline Pepto-Bismol Percodan Persantine
Phenaphen/Cod#3 Phenylpropanolamine Pink Bismuth Piroxicam
Plavix Ponstel Prednisone Presalin
Profenal Propoxyphene Protamine Pyrroxate
Relafen Rhinocaps Robaxisal Rowasa
Roxiprin Rufen Salatin Saleto products
Salflex Salicylate products Salocol Salsalate
Salsitab Scot-Tussin Sine-Aid/Sine-Off Sinex
Sinutab SK-65 Compound Sodium Salicylate Sodol Compound
Sofarin Soltice Soma Compound Sparine
St. Joseph Aspirin Stelazine Suldinac Sulfasalazine
Sulfinpyrazone Supac Suprax Suprofen
Synalgos-DC Talwin Compound Tenuate Tenuate
Dospan Thorazine Ticlid Ticlopidine
Tolectin products Tolmetin Torado Trental
Triaminicin Tricosal Trigesic Trigesic
Tussanil DH Tussirex products Ursinus Vanquish
Vibramycin Vitamin E Voltaren Warfarin
Wesprin Willow Bark products Zomax Zorprin
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