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PRESS RELEASE: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments & Technology: Accuracy, Precision, & Rapid Results

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PRESS RELEASE: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments & Technology: Accuracy, Precision, & Rapid Results

BOCA RATON, Fla.July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With topics such as Alopecia Areata (the impetus of the infamous Oscars Slap) and Covid Related Hair Shedding continuing to make headlines, hair loss remains a top-of-mind issue for the masses. The American Hair Loss Association estimates that at least 80 million men and women are currently suffering from hair loss across the country. August officially marks Hair Loss Awareness Month (HLAM) and is advantageous for addressing advancements in treatments and technology. Internationally recognized, ABHRS-Certified Hair Restoration Surgeon Dr. Alan J. Bauman, and mastermind behind Biohacking Baldness, discusses the newest effective technology aimed at both preserving and restoring hair.


Press Release: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments &Amp; Technology: Accuracy, Precision, &Amp; Rapid Results - -

TED: TransEpidermal Delivery for hair shedding and hair loss is the latest, leading-edge hair restoration treatment at Bauman Medical. It takes only 20-25 minutes and requires no anesthesia. It’s needle-free and pain-free.

Press Release: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments &Amp; Technology: Accuracy, Precision, &Amp; Rapid Results - -

Polarized Light Microscopy is a diagnostic technique that allows Trichologists and Hair Restoration Physicians to diagnose specific hair and scalp problems and conditions in order to recommend targeted treatment choices for patients.

Press Release: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments &Amp; Technology: Accuracy, Precision, &Amp; Rapid Results - -

BaumanMD Nutra-Team Bauman is a collection of 7 proprietary supplements (“Players”) for optimal hair growth created by internationally recognized Hair Restoration Physician Dr. Alan J. Bauman.

Press Release: Hair Loss Awareness Month 2022 – Advancements In Treatments &Amp; Technology: Accuracy, Precision, &Amp; Rapid Results - -

The BaumanMD In-Shower Trichology System of shampoos and conditioners includes Boost and Soothe. Boost balances powerful science with potent botanicals, including Sandalore®, to purify and protect scalp and follicles, while helping to reduce DHT levels. Soothe infuses Broad Spectrum CBD with pure essential oils to moisturize the scalp while soothing inflammation and irritation.


Alma “TransEpidermal Delivery” or TED is a breakthrough ultrasound-based system with a proprietary tip that delivers a noninvasive, non-traumatic, in-office treatment option to address hair shedding and hair thinning. TED is a Class 1 medical device and is clinically proven to minimize shedding, improve hair growth and scalp health. Alma-TED uses low-frequency “ultrasonic” sound waves and air pressure to drive powerful topical hair growth treatments into the skin and promote increased blood flow to the scalp. It is ideal for patients that want to improve the overall thickness and appearance of the hair and is also used to treat Androgenic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium (excessive hair shedding) as a stand-alone treatment as well as in conjunction with other therapies for more profound results. TED treatment requires no anesthesia, is needle-free and pain-free, and can be utilized for patients who are averse to the blood draw required for PRP. Bauman is among the first physicians outside of Alma’s stealth research team to use TED for shedding and hair loss in the US at his clinic in South Florida.


The oral JAK (Janus Kinase or JAK-STAT signaling pathway) inhibitor drug Olumiant (baricitinib) was approved by the FDA for severe adult autoimmune AA Alopecia Areata. AA causes the immune system to attack the follicles, causing hair to fall out. Previously, Alopecia Areata has been treated with topical creams, corticosteroid injections, or regenerative treatments like PRP. Patients should be aware that Olumiant comes with an FDA “boxed warning” regarding severe side effects.


CNC (a medical grade 3D Printed Custom Hair and Scalp Cranial Prosthesis hair replacement system) is already one of the most advanced technologies in the hair replacement industry and is now improved with the new Digital CRLAB 3D scanner from Italy. This breakthrough technology scans the scalp in minutes and digitally transmits the scalp dimensions directly to Bologna for robotic 3D printing and creation of the handmade CNC cranial prosthetic hair system. This scan makes an exact replica of the scalp. The previous method of CNC created a mold on the patient’s head with plaster. It was messy, time consuming and difficult to remove from the patient’s head. In contrast, the CRLAB 3D Scanner is clean, quick and has less room for error because it captures a 3D image which accurately measures all contours of the head.


Trichotest® Genetic Hair Loss Testing uses state-of-the-art DNA microarray technology to identify the exact hair loss treatments that will perform best for the patient based on DNA analysis. Trichotest® examines DNA from saliva together with details about the patient’s lifestyle and then analyzes a total of 48 genetic variations to elucidate the unique metabolic pathways influencing hair loss. Using scientifically validated global research, Trichotest® enables hair restoration experts to recommend the most ideal FDA-approved, off-label, or non-pharmaceutical options based on the patient’s unique DNA using a Personalized Precision Medicine approach–achieving faster, better hair growth results, and saving patients time and money.

HairMetrix® is the first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven non-invasive hair measurement tool for consultations, follow-ups, and clinical hair growth research. Based on a machine-learning algorithm, the HairMetrix® system provides real-time analysis of hair density, hair caliber, and other metrics without the need for any hair trimming. This contributes vital information to a Hair Restoration Physician and the patient by comparing more permanent areas of hair growth to weaker zones. HairMetrix® also allows for the precise tracking of hair growth results over time by comparing future measurements to their initial baseline so patients can know how well treatments are working and where. Dr. Bauman is one of the first physicians worldwide to use this new AI-powered hair analysis system.

Polarized Light Microscopy is a diagnostic technique to study trichological samples and pathologies using a polarized light microscope. It allows Trichologists and Hair Restoration Physicians to evaluate the quality and structure of their patient’s hair to enable them to recommend targeted treatment choices for specific problems and conditions. This technique reveals information below the scalp that we could never obtain before, including the hair follicle bulb life cycle, assessment of the keratinization process, screening for alterations of the medulla, hair sheaths and cuticle, and the effects of treatments. Dr. Bauman and his team are amongst the first medical clinics in North America to utilize this valuable diagnostic tool.


After a virtual or in-person consultation, at-home treatment programs may include quality compounded prescription products such as specially formulated non-greasy highly rated Minoxidil Formula 82M, to Formula 82F Topical Finasteride+Minoxidil and Formula 82D Topical Dutasteride+Minoxidil, and the powerful FDA-cleared Bauman TURBO LaserCap Low-Level Laser Therapy device for hair regrowth. Nutra-Team Bauman includes a superior line of proprietary Nutritional Supplements: The Recruiter™ Stem Cell Support, The Good Guys™ Hair Probiotic Complex, The Bodyguard™ Botanical Mushroom Complex, The A-List™ Hair Vitamin Complex, The Hero™ Super Biotin, The Builder™ Hair Multi-Collagen Complex, and The Zenmaster™ Ashwagandha. BaumanMD scalp health hair care products include the Boost and Soothe In-Shower Trichology System of Shampoos and Conditioners. Boost balances powerful science with potent botanicals in this targeted blend to purify and protect scalp and follicles, while helping to reduce DHT levels. Among the key ingredients in Boost’s proprietary system includes Sandalore®, a molecular compound that prolongs the anagen phase, the active phase of the hair growth cycle. Soothe reduces scalp sensitivity through the anti-inflammatory properties of Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and uses Procapil® to enhance circulation, increase blood flow and helps keep follicles nourished and healthy, making hair thicker and stronger.


If at-home treatments don’t suffice, there are a plethora of in-office Regenerative Medicine treatments including PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, PDOgro, Topical Exosome Therapy, and other cell therapy interventions.


If an assessment confirms that hair follicles are severely depleted, a transplant is needed. Today’s state-of-the-art hair transplant technology includes the no-linear-scar, minimally-invasive FUE hair transplant surgery as well as the No-Shave Long-Hair VIP|FUE, a groundbreaking minimally-invasive hair transplant procedure. VIP|FUE delivers all the hair restoration benefits of traditional FUE without any shaving or trimming of hair.

To learn more about the newest advancements in hair restoration, please visit www.baumanmedical.com. For media interviews, please contact danna@canpublicity.com

About Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS

Dr. Alan J. Bauman is a full-time board-certified Hair Restoration Physician who has treated over 33,000 patients and performed over 12,000 hair transplant procedures and over 12,000 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and other Regenerative Hair Growth Treatments since starting his medical hair loss practice, Bauman Medical, in 1997 in Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Bauman is known for pioneering numerous technologies in the field of hair restoration including minimally invasive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), VIP|FUE, No-Shave Hair Transplant, Low-Level Laser Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), PDOgro, Eyelash Transplants and more.

Dr. Bauman has been named “#1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon” in North America by Aesthetic Everything for six years running, and recently named by Forbes as one of “Ten CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America.” In addition to lecturing and consulting worldwide, Dr. Bauman sees patients personally and operates in his nearly 12,000 square foot “Hair Hospital” in downtown Boca Raton, FL. His philanthropic endeavors include the 501(c)3 Grey Team and Bauman Philanthropic Foundation.

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