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I’ve got a Gut Feeling this may help your hair…

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I’ve got a Gut Feeling this may help your hair…

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Hello, it’s Dr. Bauman.

Gut health is a hot topic these days.

And for good reason.

You know that a healthy gut is crucial for good digestion and stable energy levels.

You may also know that your gut plays a major role in your body’s immune response; in fact, roughly 70 percent of your immune system is located in your gut.

And you may even know that your gut is like the “quarterback” of your mood, calling the shots on how you feel. Why? Because a whopping 95 percent of your body’s serotonin — the “feel good hormone” that regulates mood — is made in your gut!

But did you know your gut also plays an important role in hair health?

It’s true.

You see, your gut is home to trillions of bacteria, both good and bad.

Research shows that when your good bacteria — commonly called probiotics — have the upper hand, your health, including your hair health, shines.

A landmark study published last year suggests these probiotics can regulate the hormones that control the transition between the three stages of hair health: anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), and telogen (resting/shedding). (1)

What’s more, animal studies show that maintaining a healthy gut actually causes hair to spend more time in the growth phase. (2)

Now what about bad bacteria in your gut?

When you’re stressed out, making poor food choices (which we all do from time to time), or sick, your gut may get overrun with bad bacteria.

As these bad bacteria crowd out your good bacteria, your digestion suffers.

You’re not able to get all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat; nutrients like biotin, a vitamin that forms the building blocks of your hair.

Over time, this can lead to thinning hair.

Fortunately, probiotic-rich foods (like no sugar added Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, and kimchi) can help rebalance the good bacteria in your gut.

And a high-quality probiotic supplement can also help.

But the one that gets my vote is our new BaumanMD Hair Probiotic Complex, aka THE GOOD GUYS.

> Go here to learn more and see what THE GOOD GUYS can do for your hair health


I’ve Got A Gut Feeling This May Help Your Hair… - -

We call them THE GOOD GUYS, because that’s exactly what they are!

Every serving delivers 10 probiotic strains designed to give your gut what it needs to support health digestion, hormone balance, hair health, and overall wellness.

Because gut health is so important, there are a lot of probiotic supplements on the market today.

What makes THE GOOD GUYS unique?

First, we use a blend of ten different probiotic strains. Different strains provide different benefits like supporting improved digestion, stress relief, hair health, immunity, and so on.

By including ten different probiotic strains, you’re getting a comprehensive hair and whole-body health solution in one easy-to-swallow capsule.

Second, we use research-identified strains. This is crucial. With a lot of probiotics, you don’t know what strains are included — or if they’re even effective.

BaumanMD GOOD GUYS Hair Probiotic Complex is different. We use research-identified strains.

Take our Lactobacillus acidophilus (DDS®-1), for example. This is one of the most well-studied probiotics strains for supporting healthy immunity, a key component of strong, healthy hair.

And we’ve included only research-identified strains. So you can feel confident in knowing this probiotic will deliver benefits.

BaumanMD GOOD GUYS Hair Probiotic Complex is one of the easiest ways I’ve seen to improve your gut health. And I’m honored to be able to offer it to all of our patients.

And like all Bauman MD supplements, THE GOOD GUYS is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

So you can try it today at no risk.

Tap or click the link below to learn more about how this one-of-a-kind hair probiotic can help you:

 >> Go here to learn more about GOOD GUYS Hair Probiotic Complex and try it for yourself.


Alan J. Bauman, MD
Medical Director of Bauman Medical

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Scientific References

1. Constantinou, Andria. Et al. “The Potential Relevance of the Microbiome to Hair Physiology and Regeneration: The Emerging Role of Metagenomics.” Biomedicines 2021.

2. Bernard BA. Advances in Understanding Hair Growth. F1000Res. 2016;5:F1000 Faculty Rev-147. Published 2016 Feb 8. doi:10.12688/f1000research.7520.1


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