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Destress Your Tresses. Let Bauman Medical’s “Head-Spa” Help You Relax and Grow Hair You’ll be Thankful For

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Destress Your Tresses. Let Bauman Medical’s “Head-Spa” Help You Relax and Grow Hair You’ll be Thankful For

Destress Your Tresses. Let Bauman Medical’s “Head-Spa” Help You Relax and Grow Hair You’ll be Thankful For

by Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS

It’s almost here—you know—“the most wonderful time of the year.” But along with all the special meals, family get-togethers, and merriment comes to stress, and potentially lots of it…so much to do! So many details!

Please don’t be pulling your hair out over this (literally or figuratively). We have easier – and more pleasant – ways to help you get through the upcoming weeks. So, prepare to give yourself a break and carve out some “me” time.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Can stress and hair loss be related? You bet. In fact, there are three common stress-related causes that I see in my practice every day:
Telogen effluvium. Excessive shedding occurs when significant physiological or psychological stress prematurely forces hair follicles into a resting stage. You may not notice it right away, but a few months down the line, it could be the reason you have started seeing a larger-than-normal number of hairs in your brush or shower drain.
Trichotillomania. If you catch yourself repeatedly twirling or pulling on your hair, you’re probably “stressing out” and unconsciously self-soothing. Repeatedly doing so can make that hair fall out and damage your follicles.
Alopecia areata (AA). This hair loss occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your hair follicles and interrupts their normal growing phases. Several factors can trigger AA. Stress is a biggie.

The common thread running through all these hair loss causes is a distressed scalp. After all, that’s where the hair growth magic begins for all of us.

A healthy scalp (and healthy hair follicles) is the necessary foundation for growing the best hair you possibly can. Reducing your stress by pampering yourself while getting your scalp in prime condition is the best reason I can think of for you to visit Bauman Medical’s unique “head spa.” This spa, named the SalonB Trichology Lab, is located within the 12,000 sq ft Bauman Medical complex in Boca Raton.

By the way, trichology is the science of the structure, function, and diseases of human hair. The word “trichology” comes from the Greek word ‘trichos,’ meaning ‘hair’ and the suffix ‘ology,’ meaning “the study of.”
I created SalonB to help patients maximize their scalp health and to offer them a relaxing spa experience aimed at reducing stress. In fact, many people without scalp issues come regularly to enjoy some self-indulgence and shut out the rest of the world for a while.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re experiencing hair loss from any of the conditions above or you simply want to find out the status of your scalp health.

Step 1: Trichological evaluation

This service consists of an in-depth evaluation of your scalp by Kimberly Jenkins, our Certified Trichologist and HairCoach™. It addresses every possible aspect of scalp health, including
– Determining the acid mantle (pH) balance of your scalp
– Assessing your scalp’s hydration status and sebum production. (Sebum is the oily substance that moisturizes and protects the scalp). Is your scalp too oily, blocking the hydration element? Is it too hydrated, impeding the secretion of oil?
– Measuring your scalp’s elasticity
– Taking magnified, close-up photos to see what’s happening on your scalp (looking for inflammation, dandruff, and other abnormalities like evidence of microorganism overgrowth)
– Noting details of your lifestyle, health, and stress levels that may be contributing to hair loss

Armed with this data, Kimberly formulates your customized treatment plan. She often recommends some of Bauman Medical’s high-quality hair products, carefully chosen for your particular situation.

Note: Everyone’s scalp is as unique as a thumbprint, and it can change over time. These recommendations remove the guesswork. You won’t encounter this type of hair product customization by going to the drugstore, reading labels, and speculating on what the best product is for your scalp health. We’ve discovered that many people are using exactly what they shouldn’t be using for optimal hair and scalp health. The idea with hair products is to help, not hinder, the health of your particular scalp, and we can help with that.

Step 2: Scientific Scalp Makeover™

Now for the good part.*
My Scientific Scalp Makeovers™ are for everyone, not just for people who had a trichological evaluation. However, they’re particularly geared toward helping reverse hair loss in people with the stress-related conditions I mentioned above.
Your makeover takes place in our SalonB “head spa” room, which is equipped with low lighting and soft music, just like a regular spa. It’s your chance to relax, rewind and indulge yourself. It consists of a 90-minute-to-three-hour session during which you are treated to a variety of soothing services, including
– Aromatherapy
– A customized scalp mask treatment for optimum scalp health and hair beauty
– A deep scalp massage to stimulate and purify the scalp and increase circulation
– Deep cleansing shampoo
– A customized conditioner or hair mask
*(Warning: these sessions are so relaxing you may head home afterward without stopping at the grocery store to buy your turkey).

Now that you know what you can do, stop stressing about your hair loss and contact Bauman Medical for an appointment. You’ll be thankful that you came, and we will be, too.

To book your appointment or to learn more, I invite you to call us now at (561) 394-0024. For more information, you can go to our website, www.baumanmedical.com.

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