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Will My Hair Transplant Hurt?

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This is often one of the first questions asked by patients considering a hair transplant. How can a procedure that involves hours of work and thousands of transplanted grafts be comfortable? The use of local anesthesia and medication for relaxation allows for patients to sit, watch movies, listen to music or comfortably nap during their procedure.

Afraid of needles and pain? No worries, thanks to a new computer-controlled local anesthesia delivery system–a robotic syringe called Dentapen by Septodont. This cutting-edge device, now in use at Bauman Medical, makes injections comfortable by using a microprocessor to control the extremely low speed and pressure of local anesthetic for a completely pain-free injection.

In this video, Dr. Bauman explains how this computerized, robotic local anesthesia promises you a comfortable, pain-free experience:

While these new technologies have made the transplant procedure itself comfortable, it also allows for a faster and easier recovery for patients. Because there are no staples or stitches with today’s advanced FUE transplant harvest techniques, there is no tension on the skin, and most patients can resume regular activities immediately and get back in the gym within just a few days following a hair transplant.

Patients can expect a little soreness following FUE surgery for maybe a day, but most don’t require anything more potent than over-the-counter pain medication.

The History of Comfortable, Virtually Painless Hair Transplants at Bauman Medical

1999 – Dr. Bauman was the first to use The Wand handpiece and Computerized Local Anesthetic Injection System from CompuMed for his hair transplant patients. He was the first to lecture, present and demonstrate this technique of local anesthetic delivery at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando and he also used this system at the ISHRS First Regional Live Surgery Workshop on Eyelash Transplantation in Los Angeles.

2008 – Dr. Bauman was the first hair transplant surgeon to use the patented “Ouchless Needle” to perform the first “Ouchless Transplant” in the world.

2020 – Dr. Bauman was the first hair transplant surgeon to use the Computer Assisted Local Anesthetic Delivery System from Septodont called Dentapen.

*Each individual’s treatment and/or results may vary.

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