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VIDEO: Baldness Treatments Update 2018 Hair Loss Awareness Month

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Dr Alan Bauman Gives Baldness Treatment Run-Down for 00:00 Dave Hall: Alright, there’s a convention here in town over at Mandalay Bay, something about hair, and I guess it’s giving Mike Doria hope. Mike?


00:09 Mike Doria: I don’t know about hope. Here’s what I do know: The verdict is bad. There’s not a whole lot of hair, but Dr. Bauman said that I have a hairline showing. So I guess that’s good news. We’re gonna find out just how bald I am, although I think I pretty much already know the answer to this question.

00:24 S?: Live from Las Vegas, Fox 5 News This Morning starts now.

00:29 MD: Alright. You know how there’s like the anomaly in every situation? Well, guess who it is once again? So the good news is I have hair, the bad news is I don’t have enough of it, but we’re gonna see just how bald I am. Yeah, it’s Monday.

00:45 DH: I mean, nothing… Not only not finding hair, also not finding any functioning brain cells in that melon of Mike Doria’s right there.

00:51 Maria Silva: Niños. You two are already starting at 5 o’clock in the morning.

00:55 DH: Searching so hard looking for something. It’s just radio silence.


01:00 MS: Welcome. We’ll check in with Mike Doria to see… You know, he wants hair so maybe they will help him out there.

01:05 DH: I think he looks good bald.

01:07 MS: Bald is beautiful, ladies and gentlemen.

01:08 DH: Yeah. Embrace it. But no, there’s a big convention. Mike will tell us all about that.

01:14 MS: Well, our Mike Doria, multi-tasking, he has a hair appointment this morning.

01:18 DH: Is it nose hair, back hair, ear hair?


01:21 MS: No, we’ll find out.

01:22 DH: It’s actually with a hair transplant surgeon, aha. In town for Cosmoprof, it’s a cosmetic and beauty show over at Mandalay Bay. Mike Doria, we know, needs all the help he can get. So Mikey, what have you found for us so far?

01:35 MD: Well, first of all, Dave Hall, it’s Cosmoprof, you moron, not proof. [laughter] We know that the newscast isn’t idiot-proof. [laughter] And what I’m learning is that… What did you say, I have a good hairline in the front?

01:48 Dr Alan Bauman: Yeah, you have a little bit of hair right at the widow’s peak, but I’ll tell you, Dave, not much else is going on over there, man. We got Mike really, really with a lot of hair loss. Take a look.

01:57 DH: Wow, so now we can just see how bad the damage is?

02:00 DB: Yeah. So we’re using a microscope. This is a hair cam device that magnifies the scalp at 60 to 80 times magnification to look for miniaturizing hair.

02:08 MD: You know what might be in those holes instead, like Dave’s name, Maria’s name, Fox 5’s name, like all the people that have caused me to lose my hair?

02:16 DB: It could be. It could be all the people causing you stress. Stress can cause some hair loss but mostly it’s hereditary, mom side, or dad side.

02:24 MD: Well, I have a lot of hair that grows out of my ears now and stuff like that. Why does it grow like there instead of up here?

02:29 DB: That happens when you age, you lose the hair up at the top of the scalp, and guys tend to grow hair in other places that are unwanted. That’s just how it is.

02:37 MD: Like for Dave, it’s his back. But hey, that’s what’s gonna happen. Alright. So there’s some new techniques and procedures. So I was reading somewhere now it says if you’re bald, it’s by choice.

02:44 DB: That’s true. It’s optional today ’cause we can detect the hair loss process in an early stage of the game. And so that’s what we have here, hair check tools which can measure thinning and loss of density before it’s noticeable to the naked eye. ‘Cause you can lose 50 percent of your hair and it’ll look about the same. As it starts to drop below 50%, that’s when it looks bald or bare. The hair cam is what I was using on you. That magnifies the scalp under a magnification. We can see the thinning, the balding, we can see the drop in density. And then we’ve noninvasive therapies, treatments like nutritionals, FDA approved medications, other hair products like Viviscal Professional for example, which is an excellent nutritional, and Nutrafol. Non-chemical, noninvasive therapies like low-level laser therapy. This is a Capillus laser that improves hair growth at home in just six minutes a day.

03:33 MD: So really there’s something like, if one treatment’s not right for you, there’s another one behind it that could…

03:38 DH: Absolutely. So we’re getting stronger treatments now. PRP, platelet-rich plasma, we call it the lunch hour treatment, some people call it the vampire hair growth therapy, that’s a one-hour bit of business in the office that causes your hairs to improve for about a year or two. But if the follicles are dead and gone, you’re gonna need transplantation.

03:57 MD: Well, and I think what that’s… That’s where we’re going with this, Dave and Maria. By the way, for Dave, now you know you can transplant hair and make that grow back. Can you add in personality or make personality come back?

04:05 DB: Oh, unfortunately not. But I’ll tell you, sometimes when we put the hair back, you get a boost of great joy and happiness when you regrow a nice, thick, full healthy head of hair, for men and women too.

04:17 MD: Well, I don’t know. Dave and Maria, I’m gonna keep my bald… Well first of all I don’t have a choice, but second of all, I’ve been with it so long, I’d have to redo all my head shots at Fox.

04:24 MS: And again, bald is beautiful, keep it.

04:27 DH: All one of them.

04:29 DB: Yes. There you go.

04:31 DH: Man, I bet if he ran that thing under your nose, it would start beeping like crazy. Got a forest down there.

04:36 MD: Right? Like the thing would get lost, it would… Yeah. Jam that thing right up.


04:40 MS: You should try it, in the next segment.

04:40 DH: Alright, Mike Doria, we’ll check back in with him in an hour to see what other shenanigans he gets into.

04:45 MS: Gets up to.


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