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How to reverse stress-related hair loss

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How to reverse stress-related hair loss

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Hello, it’s Dr. Bauman.

Can stress cause hair loss?

Unfortunately, yes.

When you’re under prolonged stress, it pushes large numbers of hair follicles into a resting phase (known as telogen).

Not long after that, these affected hairs can suddenly fall out when you’re washing or combing your hair.

But that’s not all.

Last year, a fascinating Harvard study shed even more light on how stress contributes to hair loss.

In this study, researchers subjected mice to prolonged stress over many weeks.

What’s interesting is not only did this stress shift the mice into telogen, forcing their hair follicles into a resting phase… they also lost the ability to regrow new hair.

Why? Scientists believe that stress also affects the dermal papilla, a cluster of cells at the base of the hair follicle that acts like a “seed” for new hair. (1)

Bottom line: Stress is simply terrible for the look, feel, and health of your hair.

If you’re shedding more hair than you’d like, and you’ve been under stress, it’s likely the two are linked.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to reduce stress, which can help you feel great and improve the health of your hair, too.

Perhaps the best stress-buster out there is getting regular exercise.

Exercise reduces stress hormones and stimulates production of endorphins (“feel-good” hormones), helping you feel calm and relaxed. Even as little as 15 minutes of aerobic exercise — such as a jog or brisk walk — can reduce stress.

Meditation, acupuncture, yoga, prayer, and taking an afternoon for “me time” are also good ways to relax and recharge.

Thing is, you may already be exercising and practicing other relaxation techniques but you’re still feeling stressed.

In that case, you may want to consider supplementing with ashwagandha.

As you may know, ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb that’s been used for centuries to help people cope with stress in a healthy way.

Modern studies confirm what ancient healers have known for centuries: ashwagandha works almost like magic to relieve stress.

In a recent randomized double-blind placebo-controlled test (the Gold Standard), scientists gathered a group of adults with a history of chronic stress.

Half of these participants were given 1200mg of ashwagandha for 60 days; the other half were given a placebo.

At the end of the study, the scientists were shocked at the results.

The folks taking a placebo were just as stressed out as ever.

But the men and women taking ashwagandha reported feeling significantly less stress and anxiety.

What’s more, blood tests revealed that these men and women also had dramatically lower levels of cortisol (the “stress hormone”) coursing in their veins than the people who only took a placebo. (2)

Those are amazing results.

So much so, that I wanted to be able to offer my patients a premium-grade ashwagandha supplement.

And after months of hard work behind the scenes, I’m excited to announce this powerful new supplement is finally available.

It’s called The ZENMASTER: Ashwagandha Stress Adaptogen (click to shop)

How To Reverse Stress-Related Hair Loss - -

Dosage is important. 1200mg is the same science-backed dosage used in the study I mentioned earlier in this email.

So you can feel confident you’re getting a real dosage that’s been shown to deliver real results.

On top of that, The ZENMASTER also includes 10mg of BioPerine®.

BioPerine® is an all-natural extract of black pepper fruit that helps your body absorb ashwagandha. In fact, studies show that BioPerine® can enhance your body’s ability to absorb herbal supplements by nearly ten-fold!

Result: your body absorbs more of the premium-grade organic ashwagandha in The ZENMASTER and you start feeling it working even faster.

I don’t need to tell you we’re living through stressful times.

And there’s no question that stress can wreak havoc on your hair (not to mention disrupting your sleep, punching holes in your immunity, and opening you up to a host of health problems.)

As a doctor, I urge you to exercise to help manage and reduce stress.

As well as practicing self-care that makes sense for you.

And when you’re ready, go ahead and try our ZENMASTER: Ashwagandha Stress Adaptogen.

We currently have a limited supply in stock.

And like all Bauman Medical supplements, it’s backed by our 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

So you can try it without risk.

For more information, or to claim your own supply, tap or click the “Shop Now” button below:



Alan J. Bauman, MD
Medical Director of Bauman Medicalreverse-

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