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What is HairCheck?

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What is HairCheck?


HairCheck is a scientific device that accurately measures hair loss, hair growth, and hair breakage. HairCheck is a tool, a skill, and a valuable service to provide. Based on the science of “cross-section trichometry,” HairCheck is a quick, painless, non-invasive way to measure and track the amount and quality of hair growing on the scalp without trimming or tattooing. It can also measure the percentage of hair breakage–a common cause of hair loss and hair thinning. If you are on a hair growth or anti-breakage treatment, HairCheck measurements over time can scientifically verify benefits. HairCheck skills and knowledge are included with all Bauman Certified HairCoach Training Programs.

Easy and Quick

No hair trimming or tattooing is necessary to scientifically track HMI measurements in the exact same area again and again because of the clever scientific design of the stereotactic scalp-location tool and the electronic caliper device.  Dr. Bauman has performed well over 40,000  measurements using the HairCheck device in his medical practice.

Proven Results

HairCheck has been used by Dr. Bauman in cosmetic product testing and scientific FDA clinical trials for Fortune 500 companies and medical device manufacturers.  The scientific validity of HairCheck Trichometer has been independently validated by researchers and scientists who have published a number of scientific journal articles.  HairCheck is used around the world to help track and monitor hair loss and hair regrowth. HairCheck can also be used to disprove “bogus” treatments and false product claims often made by companies promoting hair growth treatments to consumers.

Watch a VIDEO on HairCheck Trichometry here

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