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Havogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal Patch

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Havogen5 Anti-DHT Transdermal Patch

Havogen5 Transdermal AntiDHT Saw Palmetto Patch – FAQ

Havogen5 Transdermal Saw Palmetto Patch AntidhtWhat is the “Havogen5” Transdermal Saw Palmetto patch?

“Havogen5” offers a novel natural, non-chemical, non-pharmaceutical approach to the problems of androgen-related hair loss and oily scalp conditions for both men and women. It is based on new transdermal patch technology for delivery of natural herbal ingredients using a controlled, slow-release method. The patch is discreet, small, transparent and water-resistant.

How Does Havogen5 Work?

When applied, the Havogen5 patch slowly releases the active natural ingredients over 12 hours. Its formula provides Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) and 5-alpha-Avocuta (Avocado) extracts, along with with powerful antioxidant agents and nutrients including amino acids and vitamins. Scientific studies suggest that Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens) and avocado esters like 5-alpha-Avocuta work by inhibiting the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme activity, reducing the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) level on the scalp and supporting healthy hair growth. DHT is the known primary trigger for hair loss in men and some women. Moreover, the additional components of the Havogen5 patch can support hair thickness and hair quality by providing essential nutrients and protecting hair follicles from free radicals and toxins.

Who should use Havogen5?

Havogen5 is specially indicated in cases of weak hair growth, thinning hair, miniaturization, seasonal shedding, androgenetic alopecia as well as excessive sebum or oil production on the scalp called seborrhea. At Bauman Medical, Havogen5 is often used in combination with other medical treatments such as hair transplantation, PRP, topical minoxidil, low level laser therapy as well as trichology programs such as the Scalp Makeover™, CRLab “Green Line” or other BaumanMD products to improve hair growth.

Havogen5 can be used in conjunction with other anti-DHT and anti-androgen therapies [finasteride/Propecia, dutasteride/Avodart, spironolactone/Aldactone, ketoconazole/Nizoral, topical finasteride, oral Saw Palmetto/Serenoa Repens, etc.] or as an alternative to these treatment options.

Havogen5 Natural Antidht Saw Palmetto Transdermal Patch

How should I use Havogen5?

One Havogen5 patch should be applied to your neck, below your ear or close to the shoulder for twelve hours at a time. Each box of Havogen5 contains 30 patches, which should be used one patch per day. We suggest alternating the site of application, i.e., right side then left side for each use. Discard the patch after 12 hours of use.

What are the potential side effects of Havogen5?

Organic and natural ingredients may still have side effects. However, no side effects have been reported with the use of Havogen5.

How do I know if Havogen5 is working?

Regular follow-up HairCheck measurements are recommended every ninety days to ensure your desired results are being achieved.

Find out if Havogen5 is recommended as a natural treatment for your hair loss condition by contacting Dr. Bauman for a long-distance or in-person consultation today. Need a refill of Havogen5? Please call or email Bauman Medical offices directly.

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