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Boca Raton News - Eyelash Transplantation
BOCA RATON NEWS – Eyelash Transplantation

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Long, lovely lashes
Published Monday, July 1, 2002
by Kay Renz, Boca Raton News

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Dr. Alan Bauman harvested hair from the back of Peggy Martin’s head and implanted them into her eyelids.
Mascara, lash curlers and false eyelashes are what most women turn to when they want to make their eyelashes appear thicker and longer. But what if those options wouldn’t help? What if your eyelashes were gone?
Peggy Martin had to deal with just that. Several years back she was in a horrific auto accident. Makeup hid her scars, but her eyelashes never returned. False eyelashes were okay, but when she heard that Boca Raton’s Dr. Alan Bauman, the well-known hair transplant doctor, was offering a more advanced technique for transplanting eyelashes she wanted to find out more. Peggy recently had the procedure done, one eye at a time, and is thrilled with the outcome.
Figuring that there may be other women who have faced trauma to their eye area, have suffered from trichotillomania (that’s a when someone pulls out their eyelashes) or for one reason or another have missing or sparse eyelashes, I chatted with Dr. Bauman about the basics of this procedure.
“Eyelash transplants have actually been around for quite some time,” said the doctor, “but I became interested in it because of the new technology and advancements which makes it much more effective.”
Using comfortable computerized local anesthesia, with the Wand, hair follicles are harvested from the back of the head and implanted into the eyelid. Usually about 20 eyelashes are transplanted at once. There can be bruising, swelling, some discomfort and you need to be gentle with the transplants initially. Peggy, however, said she found the procedure to be quite easy, just having minor bruising and swelling.
My first thought was the eyelash hair and the hair of one’s head are usually different textures, so how does that work? Dr.Bauman explained that the transplanted hair in the eyelash will be like the hair on your head, so you have to trim it and curl it. Peggy said she hasn’t had a problem with it. (Just a word to the wise – those heated lash curlers have caused problems with many women accidentally burning themselves, so stick with the standard styles or you may be seeing Dr. Bauman again.) For more details you can email Email Dr. Bauman or call 1-877-Bauman-9.
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