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Eyelash Tranplants!Newsweek Date: Nov 17 2006 Page:  Author: Julie ScelfoREAD MORE
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“Here Today, Hair Tomorrow” — Hair RestorationCITYSMART Date: March 2006 Page: p. 36 Author: Michele Berman
instinctmag thumb Magazines
“Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: What you can do about hair loss”INSTINCT Date: Nov 2005 Page: 46 Author: men’s groomingREAD MORE
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Hair Thinning? Here’s the Next Step…SIMPLY THE BEST Date: January 2006 Page: Good Advice Section Author: READ MORE
current coverSEPTEMBER05 Magazines
Hair for Good / Hair Restoration VacationFLORIDA TREND Date: September 2005 Page: 12 Author: READ MORE
womansworld Magazines
“I Feel Beautiful Again!”Struggle and triumph over female hair lossWoman’s World Date: August 2004 Page:  Author: Kathy FitzpatrickREAD MORE
mdnews cover Magazines
Bauman Medical Group Hair Restoration Practice ProfileMD NEWS Date: November 2000 Page:  Author: Christine Von KanterREAD MORE
mensHealth Cover Magazines
Keep Your Hair ForeverMEN’S HEALTH Date: May 2004 Page: 154 Author: Doug DechertREAD MORE
best2 Magazines
Untangling READ MORE
dayspa 2002 Magazines
Eyelash Transplantation Long, Thick LashesDAY SPA Date: December 2002 Page: 24 Author: READ MORE
best2002 Magazines
Alan J. Bauman, M.D. Hair Restoration PhysicianSIMPLY THE BEST Date: July/August, 2002 Page: 104 Author: READ MORE
via Magazines
Hair without the HurtVIA Date: Spring 2002 Page: 34 Author: READ MORE
via2 Magazines
“Turning the Clock Back a Hair: effective hair restoration options”VIA Date: Winter 2002 Page: 15,48 Author: READ MORE
mdNewsCover Magazines
Beautifying South Florida Professionals, One Hairline at a TimeM.D. NEWS Date: 2000 Page:  Author: Christine Von KantorREAD MORE
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