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Before and After Eyelash Transplant by Dr. Alan Bauman

12 months after eyelash transplantation by Dr. Alan Bauman. Click on the photo to see more.
Note: Transplanted lashes need to be routinely trimmed to their desired length.

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Eyelash Transplants on CBS’s EARLY SHOW
** NEW **

Eyelash Transplants and Eyebrow Transplants on Univision (Pestanas y Cejas)

Eyelash Transplants on NBC’s TODAY SHOW

Eyelash Transplants on CBS-KPHO, Phoenix, AZ

Eyelash Transplants on EXTRA

Eyelash Transplant Patients, Jodi & Erica
on NBC’s “South Florida Tonight”

Eyelash Transplant Patient, Rachel,
& Dr. Bauman on ABC’s Sonoran Living

Eyelash Transplants on FOX News

VIDEO: Eyelash Transplantation on Access Hollywood
Eyelash Transplants on Access Hollywood <video was taken down>


Dr. Bauman discusses Eyelash Transplants with Erica Hill from CNN Headline Prime; click to watch!
Eyelash Transplants on CNN


VIDEO: Eyelash Transplant on ABC’s GMA
Eyelash Transplantation on GOOD MORNING AMERICA


Eyelash/Eyebrow Transplant

ABC News (WPLG10)


Eyelash Transplants
Create ‘Luscious Lashes’
CBS News (WFOR-Dr. Sean)


Dr. Bauman restores eyelashes for car accident victim
Eyelash Transplants for
Car Accident/Trauma Patients
FOX News (WSVN Miami)

Free Eyelash Transplant

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Free Eyelash Transplant

As one of the few surgeons worldwide who routinely performs cosmetic and reconstructive Eyelash Transplantation, Dr. Bauman has been asked to demonstrate his eyelash transplantation technique for a national television program to be filmed this winter. At least one patient will be chosen for the television program.  The patient selected will receive the procedure at no charge. If you or someone you know is interested in having an eyelash transplant procedure and would not mind being filmed for television, please contact the office immediately. Note: Limited Availability. Patient must meet certain criteria.

Eyelash Transplant Before & After Photos
Cosmetic Eyelash Transplant by Dr. Alan Bauman

Before & After 12 months

[approximately 90 lashes were transplanted per lid]


Patient: Maryanne P.
Photos taken before and 12 months after eyelash transplantation by Dr. Alan J. Bauman of the Bauman Medical Group.  Approximately 60-80 lashes can be implanted in each upper lid.  Click on photos for larger images.  Note: Transplanted lashes need to be trimmed (and curled) routinely.

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