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Can you help me with a small favor? (takes 60 seconds)

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Can you help me with a small favor? (takes 60 seconds)

This post comes from a recent Newsletter from Dr. Bauman that you can subscribe to here.

Hi, it’s Dr. Bauman.

It’s awards season.

The Golden Globes happened recently. The GRAMMY Awards are next month. And the Oscars happen a couple weeks after that.

And this weekend, voting opened for the 2024 Aesthetic Everything Awards, which recognizes excellence in the field of aesthetics.

For the past seven years, thanks to patients and supporters like you, I’ve been voted #1 Top Hair Restoration Surgeon in North America.

I am grateful for that honor. And with your help, I hope to win for an eighth straight year.

Like most people, it feels good to be recognized for the hard work me and my team do.

But this award isn’t about an ego boost or new trophy to display at our clinic.

It’s a lot bigger than that.

Because coming in first at the Aesthetic Everything Awards gives me an opportunity to connect with patients I might not otherwise meet.

It puts Bauman Medical on more people’s radar.

And that allows me and my team to help more people feel more confident by helping them realize their dream of thicker, healthier hair.

So, can I count on your vote?

Go here to vote now (takes less than 60 seconds)

Once you’re on this page, scroll down to the first drop-down tab that says “VIP Voting for Nominees”.

The form looks like this:
Can You Help Me With A Small Favor? (Takes 60 Seconds) - -

On this form, please click and choose “Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS”.

Then, enter your full name and email address, and then click “Submit.”

Only one vote per email address, per day please.

Voting ends February 7, 2024.

Voting takes less than a minute but would mean a lot to me and my team.

Thank you in advance.

And please feel free to share this voting link with your friends and family: https://aestheticeverything.com/listing/bauman-medical/

Let me close by saying this:

I haven’t had a chance to meet all of my email subscribers face-to-face (yet).

But year after year, most of my subscribers feel comfortable voting for me — even if we haven’t met personally. Why?

Because they’ve gotten to know me through these emails…

As well as through videos, testimonials, and case studies showcasing my patients’ hair restoration results…

Media appearances, online conferences, and podcast interviews with folks like Peter Attia and Dave Asprey…

And through the papers, articles, blog posts I’ve published.

If you feel the same, you can cast your vote in the 2024 Aesthetic Everything Awards by tapping or clicking the “Vote Now” button below:


Thank you in advance for your support!

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