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Since 1997, Dr. Bauman has helped over 15,000 men and women with hair loss from all over the world.

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From Rob:

     "...I found Dr. Bauman's staff to be extremely professional, friendly and attentive.
Dr. Bauman was involved in every step of the surgery, as well as post surgery follow-up. I did not feel like I was on an assembly line much like I did during my first experience with hair replacement surgery."

For thousands of years, man has searched for topical 'lotions and potions' for hair regrowth. Thankfully, medical science has provided what generations and generations of hair loss suffers have sought... FDA-Approved Hair Regrowth Medications!
The twice daily application of minoxidil, the fda-approved hair regrowth drug in the over-the-counter Rogaine, if used correctly and consistently can help regrow, strengthen and improve failing follicles. However, if the follicles are 'dead and gone,' there is little hope for regrowth, only maintenance of existing hair.
New breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic chemistry and pharmacy have improved minoxidil formulations considerably since the FDA granted its approval to the Rogaine/Minoxidil recipe decades ago. Several new potential topical medications (like Latisse/bimatoprost) are currently being tested in clinical trial settings in the hopes to gain FDA-approval. Topical lotions are not a 'miracle cure' for hair loss, but they are an important part of an effective hair restoration regimen and often teh first-line of approach for women with hair loss. For more information on topical therapy and the latest compounded, prescription versions of minoxidil (Formula 82M, propylene glycol-free minoxidil, etc.) contact Dr. Bauman for an in-person or long-distance consultation.

NOTE: Dr. Alan J. Bauman's 'white paper' on pharmacy-compounded minoxidil Formula82M was distributed to the medical community at a recent International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Scientific Meeting. Scroll down to read/download the special report.
NEW: "Formula 82M" Minoxidil Now Available

Formula82M Available at Bauman Medical

Is there a better alternative to Rogaine Minoxidil? Absolutely, YES!

After many years of prescribing, testing and measuring tolerability and results from Rogaine alternatives and compounded minoxidils over 17 years including Spectral DNC, Remox, Promox, Dr. Klein, Dr. Lee, Dr. Lewenberg minoxidil formulations and others, Dr. Bauman reports that Compounded Formula 82M Minoxidil has the fewest side effects, highest compliance rate and substantial treatment success in both men and women.

Formula 82M Compounded Minoxidil is a less greasy, less irritating alternative to over-the-counter Rogaine (minoxidil). It contains Minoxidil plus penetrating agents like Retin-A (retinoic acid), anti-inflammatories, organic anti-androgens (oleanolic acid), antioxidants and a hair/scalp moisturizer and conditioner in a cost-effective, quick-absorbing, powerful mixture that is convenient to use.

For more information about Formula 82M Compounded Minoxidil, request an in-person or long-distance consultation with ABHRS-Certified Hair Restoration Physician, Dr. Alan J. Bauman.
Dr. Alan Bauman and "Latisse for Scalp" on ABC News
As one of the first physicians to routinely use Latisse (bimatoprost 0.3%) topically for eyelash growth off-label, prior to the FDA-approval, Dr. Alan Bauman and his patients often wondered... what will this powerful eyelash-growth treatment do for those with scalp hair loss? As more information about safety and efficacy came to light from research, Dr. Bauman began prescribing Latisse/bimatoprost 'off-label' on a trial basis for a select number of patients. The majority of these patients reported positive experiences with the medication, without side-effects. One of these Bauman patients, Rich P., was interviewed in a recent New York Times Article on "Hair Loss Treatment Strategy" and featured on Good Morning America (ABC News). Watch the video below for the GMA/ABC News clip.

Better Than Rogaine?
Formula 82M Prescription Minoxidil Special Report
(minoxidil/Rogaine, Formula82M, Latisse/bimatoprost)
HAIR RESTORATION OPTIONS: Topical Treatments<br>(minoxidil/Rogaine, Formula82M, Latisse/bimatoprost)


In the late 1970s, the American drug company Upjohn created a drug called Minoxidil. This medication was first administered internally (orally) to patients who were suffering severe high blood pressure. As a side effect of the drug, it was discovered that patients grew hair on various parts of the body. And, in some patients, when applied externally as a lotion, directly to the fine hairs remaining in a thinning area of hair on the scalp, the 2% solution of minoxidil was shown to start the hairs growing longer and thicker.

Currently produced under the trade name of Rogaine Topical SolutionTM, the medication’s exact mechanism of action is not completely understood. We know it stimulates and prolongs hair follicles’ active growth (the Anagen phase), causing the hairs to thicken and grow longer and needs to be used consistently over time. Minoxidil is helpful in slowing down the rate of hair loss in approximately 70%-75% of patients; and, about half of all patients experience some visually significant hair regrowth with consistent use.

Rogaine Topical SolutionTM is available over-the-counter (without a prescription) in both 2% and 5% concentrations and in generic forms. To be effective, the solution should be applied to your scalp twice daily. Unfortunately, more than 10% of patients experience significant scalp irritation requiring them to stop the medication. Rogaine/Minoxidil also very often interferes with hairstyling in many patients interfering with its use.

Compounded/Prescription Minoxdil
More than twenty years after minoxidil was discovered to improve hair growth, the "Rogaine Recipe" has changed very little. However, cosmetic chemistry has changed quite a bit! Today, minoxidil can be compounded by select pharmacists to improve its tolerability, increasing its hair growth potential and decreasing side effects.
The most sophisticated minoxidil available today is called "Formula 82M" and is available to patients of Bauman Medical Group. With a variety of clinically-proven ingredients that decrease side effects, increase the penetration of minoxidil (and results) as well as improve its ease-of-use, Formula 82M is a dramatic improvement over the old Rogaine formula. Formula 82M is by far the most popular minoxidil amongst Dr. Bauman's patients.

How to Use Minoxidil
How to Apply Minoxidil:
Minoxidil should be used TWICE each day because of the short half-life in the scalp. While it is NOT mandatory, Dr. Alan Bauman recommends that you shampoo and towel-dry your hair before applying the minoxidil solution, then proceed with styling. We also suggest using a bottle-applicator or dropper-applicator to spread the solution over the ENTIRE top of the scalp and allow it to get onto the skin where it can do its job. Part the hair and "aim" for the scalp--try NOT to get the medication onto the hair where it could impede hairstyling. Spread the medication evenly--massage is not required.

We counsel patients to understand that it will take at least four months before you will notice less hair falling out; and, at least seven months to see hair regrowth with the naked eye (in the mirror or photos). HairCheck cross-sectional bundle measurements will show stabilization and/or substantial improvement in as little as 90-days. HairCheck measurements are recommended EVERY 90 DAYS for best results-tracking and troubleshooting.
Visibly, the initial re-growth will be fine, short (vellus) hairs. Minoxidil must be used continually twice a day as prescribed over the long-term in order to maintain its beneficial effects. If you stop using the medication, you will eventually begin to lose your hair again.

The main side effects of over-the-counter Rogaine/minoxidil, which occur in up to thirty percent of patients, are dermatologic: skin itching, scaling and redness can often be dramatically reduced by using a compounded prescription version of minoxidil like Formula 82M.
Minoxidil can be used safely by both MEN and WOMEN. Along with Laser Therapy, Minoxidil is typically considered the “first-line“ of therapy for women with hereditary hair thinning and a complement to other hair regrowth treatments like finasteride in men/post-menopausal women, Vampire PRP Platelet Rich Plasma and no-scalpel/no-stitch NeoGraft FUE hair transplants (to maintain the non-transplanted hair). Today, compounded prescription Formula 82M minoxidil is available which is substantially more 'user-friendly' than the over-the-counter version.

Contact Dr. Alan Bauman for an in-person or long-distance consultation to see if you are a candidate for minoxidil or other hair regrowth treatment.

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