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What are the best nutrients to keep your hair healthy?

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What are the best nutrients to keep your hair healthy?

 Hello, it’s Dr. Bauman.

If you’re experiencing thinning hair, take a look at your diet.

You probably know that nutrients like biotin, zinc, and folate are essential for healthy hair growth.

But are you getting enough of these nutrients from the foods you eat to make a noticeable difference in the look and feel of your hair?

I believe diet should be your #1 source of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

But I also understand that very few of us eat healthy 100% of the time.

And, there are certain hair-boosting nutrients that are tough to get from diet alone.

That’s why I formulated the A-LIST Hair Vitamin Complex.

This formula helps “fill in the gaps” to support better hair, skin, and head-to-toe health.

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What Are The Best Nutrients To Keep Your Hair Healthy? - -

We call this premium multivitamin the A-LIST because it includes 20+ of the most important and influential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help promote healthier hair.

One of the stars of this powerful multivitamin is folate.

Folate, or vitamin B9, is a B vitamin found in foods like spinach, asparagus, avocado, and organ meat.

Folate supports healthy hair in a couple of ways.

First, folate is crucial for keeping our red blood cells circulating in healthy numbers, which ensures that your hardworking hair follicles get the nutrients and oxygen they need to thrive.

Hair growth requires a lot of energy.

Folate (along with other B vitamins like biotin and vitamin B12) supports hair growth by helping your body turn the foods you eat into energy.

In fact, two common symptoms of B vitamin deficiency are fatigue and hair loss.(1)

The A-LIST Hair Vitamin Complex contains 340 mcg of folate as well as a range of methylated B vitamins.

Using methylated forms of B vitamins is key.

Being methylated means these B vitamins are easier for your body to recognize and use. So you’ll see and feel this formula working faster.

You’ll get 340 mcg of folate and a wide range of methylated B vitamins in every daily serving of the A-LIST.

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In addition to folate, The A-LIST also includes:

  • Biotin — A vitamin that stimulates the production of keratin, a protein that acts as the building blocks of your hair.
  • N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — An amino acid that studies show can help promote hair growth.
  • Pantothenic Acid — This vitamin plays a role in maintaining both the health and color of your hair.
  • Olive Fruit Extract — To help fight free radicals that can trigger inflammation and hair loss.
  • Plus 18 additional hair healthy nutrients!

As you can see, the A-LIST is a comprehensive and robust formula.

From the first moment you take it, the nutrients in the A-LIST will go to work helping you grow stronger, healthier looking hair… support healthy levels of inflammation and promote scalp health… and improve your overall sense of well-being.

If you’re already taking a multi, shouldn’t you switch to one that helps build a healthier body and healthier hair?

And if you’re not taking a multi yet, then trying the A-LIST is a great idea.

Not only is it specifically formulated for better hair…

It’s also backed by our 100% Satisfaction 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. So you can try it today at no risk.

Ready to get started?

>> Go here to learn more about the ingredients in the A-LIST Hair Health Multivitamin and what they can do for you!


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