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Stop Fooling Around with Hair Loss, We Can Help, and That’s No Joke

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Stop Fooling Around with Hair Loss, We Can Help, and That’s No Joke

This AI driven hair restoration app is no joke

Have you ever fallen for an April Fool’s joke?

Last year on April 1, 7-Eleven introduced its Tiny Gulp (7-ounce) drink for just 7 cents. It was touted as being better for your health, and the cup could be used as a water dish for pets afterwards. People actually went into the store and asked for it.

In 2021 eHarmony told the world on April 1 that it was debuting a doggie dating service. Dog pix flooded in.

And in 2018 Google announced on April 1 that it was releasing its “bad joke detector” app which used artificial intelligence (AI) to identify bad jokes that were sent to users by friends and family, and delete them (I could use that one!)

Millions of people fall for these pranks every year, so we’ve decided to get in on the fun, but with a twist.

We know how to help you get more hair in a way that’s so clever it will fool everyone.

They’ll never catch on unless you tell them.

What is it?

VIP|FUE™ is the ultimate hair transplant procedure, so discreet that people you come into contact with will have no idea you’ve had a transplant. Ever. No fooling.

How is that possible?
The VIP|FUE™ hair transplant procedure offers patients all the advantages of traditional minimally invasive FUE (follicular unit extraction), and often with the VIP (Very Impressive Preview) bonus.

As the only transplant procedure that doesn’t require the donor area to be trimmed or shaved, hair taken from the donor area remains the same length it was when you came in, after harvesting and implantation of other hairs from that area. It’s the ultimate in discretion because your hairstyle doesn’t change.

And the bonus? By not trimming or shaving your hair, you can often see the results right away, before you leave our clinic—a preview of exactly how your transplant will look.

The FUE part of the procedure involves removing individual follicles along with their uncut hairs from one area of your scalp and transplanting them to a part of your scalp where they’re needed. Unlike older hair transplant procedures that used “strip harvesting,” FUE does not create a “pluggy” look nor leave a telltale linear scar. It employs no staples or stitches.

The result: VIP|FUE™ is a perfect combination of discretion and satisfaction for both men and women.
But wait…there’s more.

Just like Google’s April Fool’s prank, we say we use AI, too, but our AI tools are real.

HairMetrix® Hair Restoration App 
Recently Bauman Medical became one of the first hair restoration practices in the world to offer AI-powered HairMetrix®, a major advance in evaluating your hair and tracking your hair restoration progress.

For many years we’ve used the HairCheckTM device to measure hair loss and hair restoration results. HairCheckTM continues to be an informative tool, but HairMetrix® gives us even more valuable information.

HairMetrix® uses AI hair restoration app to take a snapshot of your scalp, without trimming any hair, and applies an algorithm to get a readout of your precise hair quantity and quality (and other metrics). And we can track this over time. This information helps us make diagnosis and treatment decisions and to monitor better than ever before how well you’re responding to your treatment.

Trichotest®, another AI-assisted tool we have for our patients, is a genetic test based on state-of-the-art DNA microarray technology. It’s designed to identify the exact hair loss treatments that will perform best for you, based on your genetics.

All it requires is a saliva sample and some details about your lifestyle. The AI then analyzes the characteristics of your metabolism contributing to your particular hair loss situation. Then, an algorithm identifies treatment options likely to be the most successful for you.

The Trichotest™, which can be performed at home or in the office, is for anyone who wants to understand how genetics affects their hair loss and treatment options. It’s useful for men and women with a family history of hair loss and for those who’ve tried different treatments with minimal or no success. It gives you and your doctor a deeper understanding of your genetic characteristics, how they relate to your hair loss and personalized actionable steps for hair restoration treatment based on your unique genetic makeup.

Going beyond evaluation, here are two of the most discreet options we offer for improving your hair, guaranteed to fool anyone you know:

(Platelet-Rich Plasma):
This comfortable in-office procedure takes about an hour with no recovery time, downtime, or significant risk. Derived from a small blood sample, your platelets are separated from other components of the blood, concentrated, then painlessly applied into the scalp under local anesthesia where weak hair follicles exist. When performed using the appropriate concentration of platelets and proper application techniques, you can expect hair growth improvements that last a year or more from just a single PRP treatment.

Researched and developed right here at Bauman Medical, we were the first hair restoration clinic in the U.S. to use PDO threads to enhance hair growth. PDO, or polydioxanone, is a synthetic absorbable FDA-cleared material. Used for decades in surgery, PDO threads placed into the scalp have been shown to stimulate hair regrowth. Typically performed in combination with PRP in a no-downtime “lunch-break” procedure, the threads are comfortably applied into the scalp. They dissolve and are absorbed over time, safely stimulating collagen production, new blood vessel formation, and a release of powerful rejuvenating growth factors.
The PDOgro™ procedure may help prevent or reduce the need for future hair transplantation by stopping, slowing, or reversing hair loss.

Learn more
Ready to stop fooling around and doing something about your hair loss?

Call 561-220-3480 with questions, to schedule your private one-on-one in-person or virtual consultation at www.baumanmedical.com.

HairMetrix – First AI Hair Restoration App 

*This article originally appeared on SFLhealthandwellness.com

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