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Pelage PP405 Stimulates Hair Follicle Stem Cells via Mitochondria in Phase 1 Trial

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Pelage PP405 Stimulates Hair Follicle Stem Cells via Mitochondria in Phase 1 Trial

Unlocking Hair Growth: The Groundbreaking Science Behind PP405’s Stem Cell Activation

Pelage Presents Late-Breaking Data at AAD 2024 Meeting Demonstrating PP405 Activates Human Hair Follicle Stem Cells Ex Vivo and in Phase 1 Clinical Study

March 2024

Pelage Pharmaceuticals presented promising results at the 2024 AAD meeting for their novel hair loss treatment, PP405. This small molecule therapy targets dormant hair follicle stem cells through a metabolic pathway involving mitochondrial pyruvate carriers. The mechanism involves upregulating lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), which in turn activates these stem cells, stimulating hair growth.

Key findings from their Phase 1 clinical trial showed that PP405 is safe and effective. It was well-tolerated by patients with androgenetic alopecia, achieving the target pharmacokinetic profile without detectable drug levels in the blood. Notably, there was a statistically significant increase in Ki67, a marker of cell proliferation, within just seven days of use, indicating active hair follicle stem cell engagement. This early data suggests the treatment might transition hair follicles from a resting phase to a growing phase.

PP405’s potential extends beyond androgenetic alopecia to possibly benefit those with stress-induced hair loss (telogen effluvium) and chemotherapy-induced alopecia. Pelage Pharmaceuticals plans to start a Phase 2a trial in mid-2024, further exploring PP405’s efficacy and safety across different demographics.

Overall, PP405 represents a significant advancement in alopecia treatment, offering a new approach that directly targets hair follicle stem cells to stimulate hair growth. This could be a breakthrough for hair loss patients, offering a new, non-invasive option for restoring hair growth.


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Unlocking Hair Growth: The Groundbreaking Science 
Behind Pelage’s Pp405’S Stem Cell Activation

Unlocking Hair Growth:
The Groundbreaking Science
Behind Pelage’s PP405’s Stem Cell Activation

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