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A Quick And Handy Guide To Hair Loss In Teens

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A Quick And Handy Guide To Hair Loss In Teens

Hair loss is challenging for adults— but it can be even more difficult to deal with during one’s formative teenage years.

ABC’s interview with teenager Aly Salerno highlighted how the young woman felt loneliness and shame when she first experienced hair loss due to the autoimmune disorder alopecia. ABC states that the suicide rate among young women like Aly is extraordinarily high, making it even more important for teenagers to seek support and help when they experience hair loss.

A greater understanding of this condition can help you move forward towards recovery and acceptance. So if you’re battling with hair loss as a teen, here’s what you need to know:

Causes of Hair Loss in Teens

Hair loss can be caused by numerous factors but, for teens, stress is one of the main culprits. Emotional stress or even physical stress caused by injuries, illnesses, or surgery can lead to telogen effluvium, when hair becomes dormant over the course of a few months. Stress can also cause alopecia areata, which is when white blood cells attack hair follicles all over the body.

Other causes of hair loss include:

  • genetics – both male and female pattern hair loss can begin at puberty
  • Scars and Injuries
  • malnutrition
  • illness
  • polycystic ovary syndrome
  • hormonal changes
  • hairstyling
  • nervous habits

Symptoms To Look Out For

Since hair loss stems from various issues, it can also manifest in different ways. To illustrate, here are the most common symptoms you can experience:

  • receding hairline
  • patterns of hair loss
  • hair thinning
  • loose hair
  • scaling in the scalp

When Should You Seek Medical Care?

If you’re experiencing any of the aforementioned symptoms, you need to consult a Board-Certified Hair Restoration Physician. A proper, professional diagnosis can make it easier to learn how to manage your symptoms, or even increase your chances of regrowing your hair. A Board-Certified Hair Restoration Physician can conduct a clinical diagnosis by examining your medical history, doing a complete skin evaluation, and performing laboratory tests. Through thorough examination, you’ll be better able to discover the root cause of your hair loss and find the most appropriate treatments for it.

While a medical consultation is a crucial step toward recovery, hair loss can be deeply personal and embarrassing for teens and young people. Fortunately, healthcare providers abide by patient confidentiality regulations, which means that they are morally and legally obligated to keep their patient records and personal information private.

Since it takes a lot of courage for teens to consult with a qualified physician, this regulation assures that you can trust them and openly communicate about your experiences with hair loss. As such, your doctor will be an important pillar of support and help during this tough journey.

Treatments for Hair Loss

It’s crucial to be upfront with your doctor regarding your experiences with hair loss, since this will help them find the best solutions for you. With the guidance of your Board-Certified Physician, you can improve the quality of your hair restoration through a multi-therapy approach.

Combining several treatments will give you the best chance for long-term success since it takes your risk factors, your condition, and your hair restoration objectives into consideration. Numerous patients experience improved outcomes from a multi-therapy approach since it brings life back to your hair and prevents hair loss from recurring in the future.

Hair loss can take a toll on a teen’s self-esteem, which is why it’s important to seek the help of healthcare providers. Through the proper diagnosis of a hair restoration physician, it’s much easier to identify the steps that you need to take toward recovery.

Written by Arisha Irish Carter

Exclusively for Bauman Medical

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