Home Videos VIDEO: Spencer Kobren & Dr. Alan Bauman Discuss #ARTAS robotic-assisted FUE hair transplant at #ARTAS2016

VIDEO: Spencer Kobren & Dr. Alan Bauman Discuss #ARTAS robotic-assisted FUE hair transplant at #ARTAS2016

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This year, Dr. Alan J. Bauman, M.D. attended the 2016 ARTAS® Robotic-Assisted Hair Transplant Users Meeting at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, California. At the meeting, Dr. Bauman joined an elite group of hair restoration surgeons and staff members who made presentations on ARTAS FUE procedure essentials and best practices for success.

This video was a candid and impromptu discussion about hair transplants with The Bald Truth author and radio talk show host Spencer Kobren–also a featured speaker at the conference.  Mr. Kobren presented a incredibly well received lecture on the topic of “The Patient Perspective” in hair transplantation.

Dr. Bauman is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon, has over 20 years of experience in hair restoration surgery and is a recognized leader in the field. In addition to participating in a question and answer (Q&A) panel, Dr.Bauman delivered an exciting and innovative presentation geared toward helping fellow physicians make the most out of ARTAS® robotic-assisted FUE hair transplant technology.

During the conference, Dr. Bauman spent time speaking with Spencer Kobren who is the Founder and President of the American Hair Loss Association, the nation’s foremost organization dedicated to educating the public, healthcare professionals, and the mainstream media about the emotionally devastating, and life altering disease of hair loss. Mr. Kobren is considered the country’s most prominent and effective consumer/patient advocate. He’s the author of the ground breaking International Best Seller, The Bald Truth; The First Complete Guide to Preventing and Treating Hair Loss (Pocket Books/Simon & Schuster), which has become the most widely read consumer hair loss guide of all time. Published in five languages and sold in every English speaking country in the world, The Bald Truth has touched the lives of countless hair loss sufferers in search of real hope. His second book The Truth About Women’s Hair Loss; What Really Works for Treating and Preventing Thinning Hair (Contemporary Books/McGraw-Hill) has changed the way medicine and society looks at this neglected epidemic. Spencer is also the founder of the esteemed and exclusive International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS.org) of which only a small number of surgeons worldwide are accepted and recommended.

During the interview, Spencer Kobren of The Bald Truth syndicated radio show said, “No one is contacting the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) or International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons (IAHRS) about strip [hair transplants]. It’s all FUE, either ARTAS or NeoGraft.”

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