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If you are experiencing hair thinning, you’re not alone. Hereditary hair thinning is a normal, common part of life for one out of every four women.

“The emotional impact for women with thinning hair is tremendous,” explains Dr. Marty Sawaya, a dermatologist. “One of the major roles of the physician is to help women understand the various reasons why hair loss occurs, helping her to focus on realistic treatment options and expectations to optimize treatment outcomes.”

Dr. Peggy Elam says, “Many women have a difficult time confronting hair thinning. They may feel they’ll be better liked or more successful if they rid themselves of real or perceived flaws, whether regarding hair, weight or facial features. For many women under 50 especially, hair loss can be an emotional blow.”
“The stigma associated with hair thinning in women and their reluctance to admit the problem has kept women from getting the help that is readily available to them. When women confront hair thinning in its early stages instead of allowing themselves to feel embarrassed or helpless, good things happen. Women look and feel better about themselves when they take control of their lives and emotions which results in a sense of well-being and a higher self-esteem.” Ellen Rubin, Psy.D.
If you are among the nearly 30 million women who have hereditary hair thinning, it may be difficult for you to feel your best. Hair thinning can present a strong challenge to your sense of self-worth and confidence, and some women have reported feeling the following:
Less desirable
Socially unacceptable
Less feminine
Less sexy
Less likely to succeed in business
Like you are losing your youth
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
It takes courage to confront your situation, but a little courage will go a long way. Taking control of your hair thinning, just as you take control of the rest of your body, your diet and your skin care, can make all of the difference. At the Bauman Medical Group, we are uniquely suited to diagnose and treat hair loss. But ultimately, it’s important to recognize that the way you perceive yourself affects the way people respond to you. If you project a positive image of yourself, people will see you accordingly.

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