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VIDEO: Needle-Free Pain-Free Hair Growth with TED Hair Restoration Treatment Local10 WPLG Miami

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TED TransEpidermal Delivery Hair Restoration Treatment in Miami

TED stands for TransEpidermal Delivery of a powerful proprietary hair growth treatment serum called TED+ Hair Care Formula, which contains peptides, amino acids, scalp-health optimizers, and powerful growth factors for improving circulation and stimulating hair growth in both men and women. There are no needles, no pain, and no blood draw required. The relaxing treatment session is completed in-office in about 30-40 minutes without any downtime whatsoever. Painless ultrasonic (sound) waves disrupt the stratum corneum moisture barrier of the skin, which allows penetration of the hair growth serum. There are no side effects to this treatment, but please warn your doctor if you are prone to easy bruising or sound-induced headaches. TED hair growth treatment packages are recommended in a series of three sessions spaced one month apart. Many patients notice results after just several weeks, but full results require several months.

Dr. Bauman is one of the first physicians worldwide to be fully trained and qualified to perform TED Transepidermal Delivery Hair Restoration therapy. To see if you are a candidate for TED treatment, please contact Dr. Alan J Bauman, ABHRS board-certified Hair Restoration Physician at Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, Florida. Dr. Bauman recommends accurate diagnosis, sophisticated treatments, and hair growth measurements with any hair loss patient and hair restoration regimen. Virtual consultations with Dr. Bauman for hair loss and hair growth treatments can be performed virtually from anywhere in the world. The skin provides a natural barrier to the outside world. But if we’re trying to apply something therapeutic and get it in under the skin, this can become a challenge, typically requiring a needle injection.

However, the game-changing technology behind TED transepidermal delivery hair growth treatment is that now we can disrupt the skin’s protective barrier temporarily, apply powerful growth factors, peptides, and amino acids for hair growth, and this can all be done painlessly within minutes and without needles or any injections whatsoever. Using painless, ultrasonic, safe sound waves and air pressure, the TED device is applied directly to the scalp along with the serum, and it drives the serum deep into the tissue, right to the level of the follicles, where it can have that hair growth effect.




Speaker 1: Local 10 news starts right now. Kristi Krueger: Here’s an interesting statistic. The American Hair Loss Association estimates about 80 million men and women in the United States are currently experiencing some type of hair loss. In our health cast today, we’re taking a look at some brand-new technology that can help really support your hair follicles. KK: Michael Jondle is just 26 years old, but first began noticing his once full head of hair was diminishing two years ago. Michael: I started to notice a massive reduction in both the front and the back of my hair. And it caused a lot of strife, I guess. It made me very unconfident. It made me feel like I needed to constantly worry about what my hair was doing. KK: He came to Boca Raton hair loss specialist Dr. Alan Bauman, who works with a number of technologies and products to help people with hair loss. Dr. Alan Bauman: And especially in the time of COVID, we can see the stress, we could see the infection, even the vaccinations are all triggering hair loss. And there’s so much hereditary hair loss out there too. KK: Along with many non-invasive approaches, including supplements and laser hair therapy, the doctor is now utilizing an ultrasound-based device called the Transepidermal delivery or TED, which amplifies the benefits of follicle-boosting products. DB: We’re gonna start with a dry scalp. We’re gonna map out the areas of treatment. We’re going pre-treat that area with the device. So the ultrasound technology is going make the skin more permeable. Then we’re going apply the serum to each zone and use the device to drive the serum through that skin. KK: The serum is made of several growth factors that can increase blood circulation, stimulate the follicles to grow better, thicker quality hair and anchor the hair shafts in the scalp. But it does have its limits. DB: Like other non-invasive technologies, you’re not gonna get a new hair follicle. This is gonna enhance the follicles that you have. KK: Michael just completed the second of his three monthly treatments. Michael: I’m a big believer in catching something early. I am all about preventative. I don’t wanna fix the problem after it happens. I want to start working on it before it gets to the point where you can’t actually do anything about it. KK: And the protocol for this TED procedure is three different treatments spaced one month apart, and the improvement can last up to a year before the process then needs to be repeated. [music]


*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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*Each individual's treatment and/or results may vary

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