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Scalp Health and Hair Beauty

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Scalp Health and Hair Beauty

Scalp Wellness: Healthy Scalp = Beautiful Hair

An unhealthy scalp can make growing beautiful hair a challenge.  Imbalance of sebum, pH, moisture levels, cortisol (the stress hormone) and even overgrowth of certain microorganisms can lead to detrimental scalp inflammation. When inflammation occurs at the level of the scalp this can lead to poor hair growth or changes in hair quality. Symptoms such as dryness, oiliness, flaking, itching, dandruff as well as changes in hair quantity or quality, like dullness, frizziness, require a detailed scientific assessment of “scalp wellness” and a therapeutic intervention–this may mean a change in hair care, scalp care and styling habits.  At Bauman Medical’s salonB, we are focused on creating a healthy environment at the level of the scalp for hair growth. Below, you will find some brief info on some of the factors that influence the health of the scalp and quality hair growth.


Sebum is the scalp oil your body produces: too much, oily hair and oily scalp which in severe cases can cause seborrheic dermatitis; inflammation/itching and dandruff. Too little, and you can end up with dry itchy scalp, dry flakes and dull hair. In simple terms, if you have itchy or flaky dandruff, it’s important to figure our if you have too much or too little sebum production. Sebum production can be affected by stress, nutrition, hormones, diet and more—many of the same factors that affect oily skin and acne. There are recommended regimens of special products and treatments (masque, steam/ozone therapy, etc.) for sebum control as well as measurements so future evaluations and progress can be compared to your baseline.


pH or hydrogen-ionic potential indicates the acidity, alkalinity or neutrality of a given medium. Neutral pH is 7.0, acid is below 7.0, alkaline is above 7.0. According to recent research, the scalp pH is 5.5, and the hair shaft pH is 3.67. An alkaline pH may increase the negative electrical net charge of the hair fiber surface and, therefore, increase the friction between the fibers. Interestingly, the pH of hair care products are not mandatory on labelling. When it comes to the health of the scalp, the pH is important to protect us from certain bacteria and other pathogens. Disrupting this physiologic pH with a “wrong” shampoo (like baby shampoos that generally have a pH greater then 6.0) could be the cause of itching, redness, irritation and dandruff. A “TricoTest” performed by a trained trichologist at salonB can help determine the appropriate products for your pH, scalp and hair type.

Dandruff and Flaking

Dandruff/Flaking of the scalp are a common condition affecting more than 50% of adults–millions of people. Most commonly, oily dandruff is associated with a hyper-proliferation of the outer layer of the scalp, excess lipid production and generally accompanied by itching and irritation. Dandruff could be dry or oily, occur occasionally (like after a hair color treatment) or physiologically (hereditary or even due to a hormonal imbalance). Today we know that dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are dependent on sebum, fungal/microbial metabolism (specifically, Malassezia yeasts) and individual susceptibility. Management of sebum and anti-fungal treatments are available. Sebum levels can be checked by a trichologist during a TricoTest at SalonB and specialized high (200x) powered videomicroscope with specialized lighting can assess microorganism colonies. Much more than simply shampoo, weekly treatment to help manage sebum production and anti-fungal treatments are available.


Stress affects many organ systems in the body and is related to poor functioning, accelerated aging and illness. Recent studies on mice indicate that stress hormone levels have a direct impact on impairing hair follicle function, shutting down the hair follicle and causing hair loss. This effect was confirmed by adding a stress hormone blocking molecule in one group of mice, prompting hair regrowth in that cohort.


A large number of studies have demonstrated the role of free radicals in the aging process, cellular function and even cell death mechanism (apoptosis). Free radical damage within cells have been linked to cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Antioxidants in the scalp can affect hair follicle function, triggering shedding or weakening hair growth. Natural compounds from vegetables and plants help reduce free radical formation in nutritionals and hair care products help support healthy hair growth.


The Original Scientific “Scalp Makeover”

Bauman Medical is pleased to offer the original scientific Scalp Makeover at salonB, which is the only program of its kind in Florida which can address common scalp and hair symptoms like itching, flaking, dandruff, oily, dry, brittle, breaking, thinning, or dull, lackluster hair.  salonB is an advanced new treatment center in a spa-like atmosphere that offers patients cutting-edge scalp and hair therapies from the renowned leader in trichology, Bologna, Italy-based Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories.

Do you have a symptomatic scalp?  Trichology Evaluations (aka a “TricoTest”) and Scalp Makeover appointments can be conveniently scheduled by calling Bauman Medical at 561-394-0024

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