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Eyelash Transplant on NBC’s TODAY Show

Dr. Bauman’s eyelash transplant procedure was filmed for NBC’s TODAY Show and is due to air near the end of February 2007.  Check back here for more information.   Click on the photo gallery above to see the ‘behind the scenes’ photos of cancer survivor and eyelash tranasplant patient, Veronica Garner before, during and after her procedure.
Eyelash Transplants on EXTRA
Eyelash Transplants On ExtraDr. Bauman On Extra With Eyelash Transplant ProceduresDr. Bauman’s Eyelash Transplant Procedure was featured on the television show EXTRA.  Read the STORY, watch the VIDEO.  For more info on eyelash transplants, visit https://www.eyelash-transplant.com[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6JhhBxgxoQ”] <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCFq-vGqexo>[/su_youtube]
Eyelash Transplant: Access Hollywood
Video Archive - -Fashion and entertainment news-program “Access Hollywood” featured Dr. Bauman and his Eyelash Transplantation techniques in a segment called Makeover Nation.    “Eyelash transplantation may help those with missing, short, thin or sparse lashes,” said Dr. Bauman.Video: Dr. Bauman'S Eyelash Transplant Procedure On Access HollywoodVideo Archive - -
Eyelash Transplants on Good Morning America
     Video: Dr. Bauman On Abc'S Good Morning America Discussing Eyelash TransplantsVideo: Dr. Bauman On Abc'S Good Morning America Discussing Eyelash TransplantsWhen ABC’s Good Morning America wanted information on Eyelash Transplantation, they came to watch Dr. Alan J. Bauman, a hair transplant surgeon from Boca Raton, Florida who routinely performs the procedure.   They filmed Dr. Bauman’s procedure, performed at the first Eyelash Surgery Workshop held this past October which was sponsored by the ISHRS.org.   Dr. Bauman performed the procedure for patient Aleve Loh, who had always wanted longer, thicker lashes.  Watch the video from ABC News by clicking on the photos.Video: Dr. Bauman On Abc'S Good Morning America Discussing Eyelash Transplants Video: Dr. Bauman On Abc'S Good Morning America Discussing Eyelash Transplants
Eyelash Transplants on CNN
Video: Dr. Bauman Discusses Eyelash Transplantation With Eric Hill On Cnn'S Headling PrimeVideo: Dr. Bauman Discusses Eyelash Transplantation With Eric Hill On Cnn'S Headling PrimeVIDEO: Watch the Eyelash Transplant story on CNN Headline Prime
FEMALE HAIR LOSS — Video from BayNews9 (a CNN Affiliate)
Video Archive - -Hair Loss Video” width=”230″ height=”155″ align=”left” border=”0″ hspace=”3″ />Tampa Bay/BayNews9–Melissa Eichman, reporting: “Forty million American women suffer from hair loss. Women losing their hair say it’s a traumatic experience and they will try just about anything to cover their bald spots. Hair loss patient Janet Cooper is trying laser therapy. The treatments are designed to slow, stop and possibly reverse hair loss. Dr. Alan Bauman with Bauman Medical Group in Baca Raton, Fla., says the therapy can be used alone or in combination with other hair loss treatments. Sixty-year-old Joan Denton says she started losing her hair in her twenties and got a hair transplant more than a year ago. Dr. Alan Bauman specializes in advanced hair restoration techniques for women and men that allow the patient to regrow their own hair. Denton and Cooper say it’s tough losing their hair in a society where they feel it’s not acceptable for women to be bald.”++ VIEW VIDEO ++
MALE HAIR LOSS/HAIR TRANSPLANT — Video from BayNews9 (a CNN affiliate)
Click To Watch Baynews9 Male Hair Transplant VideoTampa Bay/BayNews9–Dr. Steven Seltzer, health reporter reporting: “August is National VIEW VIDEO ++
NEW VIDEO: “Anchorman” Jim Abath’s hair transplant
NEW VIDEO: Jim’s Hair Transplant Results VIDEO:  Jim’s Hair Transplant Procedure (hour-by-hour) VIDEO:  While visiting Chicago, lecturing at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference, Dr. Bauman met with ABC news anchor, Sylvia Perez, to discuss options for men and women experiencing thinning or receding hair.   Topics included www.ishrs.org(the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) as well as undetectable hair transplant procedures for men and women, low level laser therapy (Erchonia-THL1), the Folliscope (video-microscopic evaluations of the scalp) and other procedures and treatments.    A small clip of the video is available below.Dr. Bauman on ABC-7 WLS Chicago
Video Archive & Transcripts
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Video Profile Meet Dr. Bauman
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Video Profile Karen’s Story
Fox News 25 Baldness Predictor
CBS News 12 Medical News Women’s Hair Loss Detection and Treatment
CBS 4 A Cure for Baldness?
Newschannel 5 Medical Break-throughs: Treating Dr. Sean’s EYELASH TRANSPLANT VIDEO As seen on WFOR Miami with Dr. Sean click hereMedical Reporter, Dr. Sean, Covers Eyelash Transplantation
SpaceDr. Costarelis Follicular Neogenesis

Dr. Costarelis Follicular Neogenesis
NeoGraft Hair Transplant on ABC Los Angeles
Watch Live Hair Transplant Surgery July 11th!
Watch live streaming video from hairtransplantnow at livestream.comWATCH LIVE: July 11th 7am-5pm EDT (GMT 11:00-21:00)

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