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Bauman Medical Newsletter May 2006

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Bauman Medical Newsletter May 2006
In this issue…
Female An “Anchorman” Hair Transplant
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Bauman Medical Newsletter May 2006 - -

Dr. Bauman'S Follicle Five Keep Growing Hair
Men'S Health Editor Gets A Hair Transplant
Dr. Bauman'S Patient, Joan Denton, Featured In The Ny Times
Doctors That Specialize In Hair Loss (Ishrs.org)
Bauman Medical Group / REMINDER:
Watch WPBF-25 Palm Beach on Tuesday, May 16th @ 11pm
ABC NEWS “Special Assignment: Hair Restoration”
May 2006
Greetings!Did you know that hair transplantation is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for men? According to the Amer ican Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (2005 Procedural Census Data), more men chose hair restoration than liposuction, eyelid lifts or facelifts last year.It comes as no surprise, therefore, that when Eyewitness News reporter, Jim Abath (WPBF-25 Palm Beach, Florida), was given his “SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT: Hair Restoration,” it was more than just business, it was personal!Those of you who watch Jim regularly on WPBF might already be noticing the change! You are invited to watch a preview of Jim’s report (including video andphotos) before it’s due to air this Tuesday, May 16th at 11pm ET on ABC-WPBF25 in South Florida.
Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
Medical Director
Bauman Medical Group, P.A.
Email Dr. Bauman
Dr. Bauman And Jim Abath, Watch the Video


Female ‘Multi-Therapy Approach’ is aimed at protecting and enhancing existing hair as well as restoring lost density. Depending on a woman’s hair loss status and goals, a medically-based, results-oriented treatment program combines one or more therapies and tracks its progress over time.
When Joan’s results were featured in the New York Times, she received calls from across the country from women who were encouraged by the results she achieved from Dr. Bauman’s procedures and treatments. To read the full story and view Joan’s photos, click the link below.
Read the complete New York Times story w/ photos


An “Anchorman” Hair Transplant
See Jim Abath’s Procedure and Results…
Encouraged by Dr. Bauman’s patients’ successful hair restoration treatments, anchorman Jim Abath underwent his own hair transplant–all in the line of duty, of course…
To see a video of his procedure performed by Dr. Bauman and his results (thus far), click through to the video and Patient Photo links below.
Watch the Video of Jim’s Procedure
Check out Jim’s Before and After Photos
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Bauman Medical Group main website
Int’l Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS.org)
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Read the “Men’s Health” Hair Transplant Story
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Bauman Medical Newsletter May 2006 - -Bauman Medical Group:
A unique type of hair restoration practice…
At Bauman Medical Group, you’ll find a dedicated team of medical professionals who are passionate about providing personalized care and exceptional results for each and every patient.

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