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Bauman Medical Newsletter Jan 2007

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Bauman Medical Newsletter Jan 2007


In this issue…
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Female An Anchorman’s Hair Transplant
ISHRS Sponsors First Regional Live Eyelash Transplant Workshop
New Hair Restoration Technology:
More Information
Bauman Medical Newsletter Jan 2007 - -
Learn Your Options Today
Dr. Bauman'S Follicle Five Keep Growing Hair
The Editor Of Men'S Health Gets A Hair Transplant...
Dr. Bauman'S Patient, Joan Denton, Featured In The Ny Times
Doctors That Specialize In Hair Loss (Ishrs.org)
Eyelash Transplants Featured In Newsweek, Visit Www.eyelash-Transplant.com For More Info
New Year, New Hair, New Lashes…
Reminder: Watch Dr. Bauman tomorrow on EXTRA, Friday Jan 5th.
Jan 2007
Greetings,For many people, the New Year is a time of reflection on the months past, as well as a time to look forward into what the future may hold. If your plans for self-improvement this year include doing something about your hair–enhancing it, maintaining it or restoring it–my staff and I are here to help.At Bauman Medical Group, last year was an exciting one as the expansion of our Boca Raton facility is now getting closer to completion. We were also very fortunate to be involved with some very exciting events in the field of hair restoration, including the very first ISHRS Regional Live Surgery Workshop on Eyelash Transplantation as well as the Annual Meeting of the ISHRS in San Diego. For those who may have missed some of the news, I’ve recapped some highlights for this newsletter.Upcoming events include Eyelash Transplantation due to be featured on the television show EXTRA tomorrow: Friday, January 5th (check local listings) as well as the upcoming American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Meeting/American Association of Hair Restoration Surgery meeting in Phoenix, AZ this month. We always look forward to hearing your feedback, so let us know what you think. Have a great 2007!
Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
Medical Director
Bauman Medical Group, P.A.
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Dr. Bauman And Jim Abath, Don’t Miss:
Cosmetic Eyelash Transplants
For years, eyelash transplants have been performed for those who had eyelash loss from accidents (like car accidents or burns) or even self-inflicted damage (from trichotillomania/hair-pulling or misuse of eyelash extensions). However, today, more women are seeking eyelash transplantation to obtain longer, thicker and more dense lashes.
Don’t Miss Dr. Bauman’s Eyelash Transplants due to air tomorrow onEXTRA, Friday, January 5th. Check your local listings.
What’s an Eyelash Transplant? Click for more info
Treatments For Female Hereditary Hair Thinning Are AvailableFemale Hair Loss is Different
Despite the fact that hair loss affects an estimated 40 million American women, many women with thinning hair think that they are the only one with the problem. When creative hairstyles, extensions or wigs fail, a visit to the ‘hair doctor’ can help.
When Joan’s results were originally featured in the New York Times, she received calls from across the country from women who were encouraged by the results she achieved from Dr. Bauman’s procedures and treatments. This past year, she was interviewed byBay News 9 (a CNN affiliate) for a story on female hair restoration including hair transplantation and low level laser therapy.
Watch the Video on Female Hair Restoration
Click For More Of Jim'S Before And After PhotosAn Anchorman’s Hair Transplant
See Jim Abath’s Procedure and Results…
Encouraged by Dr. Bauman’s patients’ successful hair restoration treatments, ABC news anchor Jim Abath underwent his own hair transplant–all ‘in the line of duty,’ of course…
To see a video of his procedure performed by Dr. Bauman and his results (thus far), click through to thevideo and Patient Photo links below.
Watch the Video of Jim’s Procedure
Watch the Video of Jim’s Results
Check out Jim’s Before and After Photos
Dr. Bauman Demonstrates His Eyelash Transplant Technique At The Live Surgery Workshop In Los AngelesISHRS Sponsors First Regional Live Eyelash Transplant Workshop
in Los Angeles, California
This past October, the ISHRS(International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) hosted their First Regional Eyelash Transplant Live Surgery Workshop in Los Angeles. Dr. Bauman was one of only three doctors invited to be on the faculty and was the only surgeon from North America who performed a Live eyelash transplant procedure. The event was attended by an international gathering of forty doctors and medical professionals. Alevé Loh, Dr. Bauman’s patient, had approximately 30 lashes per lid implanted during her procedure.
Dr. Bauman’s Eyelash Transplants have been featured recently on CNN,ABC’s Good Morning AmericaAccess Hollywood, in The New York TimesNewsweek and more.
Don’t miss eyelash transplants on EXTRA, tomorrow: Friday January 5th… check listings for local airtimes.
Visit www.Eyelash-Transplant.com for more information on Dr. Bauman’s Eyelash Transplant Procedure.
Read Alevé’s Eyelash Transplant Story in Newsweek
Dr. Bauman Discusses Advances In Hair Restoration With Abc News' Sylvia Perez--Click To WatchNew Hair Restoration Technology:
Scalp Microscopes & Hand-Held Laser Therapy
Last year, while lecturing at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference in Chicago, Dr. Bauman met with ABC news anchor, Sylvia Perez, to discuss options for men and women experiencing thinning or receding hair. Topics included www.ishrs.org(the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) as well as undetectable hair transplant procedures for men and women, low level laser therapy(Erchonia-THL1), the Folliscope (video-microscopic evaluations of the scalp) and other procedures and treatments. A small clip of the video is available below.
Watch the ABC News Interview with Sylvia Perez
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Bauman Medical Newsletter Jan 2007 - -Bauman Medical Group:
A unique type of hair restoration practice…
At Bauman Medical Group, you’ll find that Dr. Bauman and his dedicated team of medical professionals are passionate about providing personalized care and exceptional results for each and every patient.
If you would like more information regarding the latest treatments used by physicians to medically restore and maintain your own living and growing hair, please contact Dr. Bauman directly…
email: Email Dr. Bauman
phone: 561-394-0024 or 1-877-BAUMAN-9 (toll free U.S.)
web: https://www.baumanmedical.com

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