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Bauman Medical Newsletter Dec 2006

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Bauman Medical Group Newsletter Dec 2006
In this issue…
 A Regional Live Eyelash Transplant Workshop in L.A.
 Eyelash Transplants in NEWSWEEK
 Eyelash Transplants ‘Live’ on CNN
 Eyelash Transplants Restore Lashes for Trauma Patients
 Don’t Miss Eyelash Transplants on
Access Hollywood and EXTRA
 What is Eyelash Transplantation?

More Information
News and Information on CNN to Newsweek to Good Morning America and more, our Eyelash Transplantation procedures have gotten a bit of attention. If you’ve missed any of the recent stories, please click on the appropriate links below. Be sure to ‘tune-in’ to EXTRA on Friday, January 5th and Access Hollywood TONIGHT Thursday, December 28th. Click the dates to check your local listings for airtimes.If someone you know has struggled with thin, sparse, short or damaged lashes, please let them know that help is available in the form of cosmetic and reconstructive eyelash transplantation.

Alan J. Bauman, M.D.
Medical Director

Bauman Medical Group, P.A.
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A Regional Live Eyelash Transplant Workshop in L.A….an ISHRS ‘first’This past October, the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) hosted their First Regional Eyelash Transplant Live Surgery Workshop in Los Angeles. Three doctors were invited to be on the faculty to lecture and demonstrate their eyelash transplantation techniques.
Dr. Marcelo Gandelman (Brazil), Dr. Jennifer Martinick (Australia) and Dr. Alan Bauman (Boca Raton, FL USA) each gave lectures and performed their procedures for an international audience of forty physicians and surgical assistants.

The event attracted some members of the news media (like Reuters andABC News-Good Morning America) and stories about the event began to travel across the Internet and news wires even before the last lash was implanted. Many of the news organizations interviewed Dr. Bauman’s patient, Aleve Loh, who underwent the eyelash transplant procedure in Los Angeles.
Learn more about Eyelash Transplantation
Eyelash Transplants in NEWSWEEKHope for those with damaged or weak lashesFor years, eyelash transplantation was typically for those who had eyelash damage from accidents (like car accidents or burns) or self-inflicted damage (from trichotillomania, hair-pulling or misuse of eyelash extensions). However, more women today are seeking eyelash transplantation to cosmetically enhance their lashes.

Read the eyelash transplant story that appeared in Newsweek and see the accompanying photo gallery.
Read The Newsweek Article
Eyelash Transplants ‘Live’ on CNNLive, via satellite, Dr. Bauman discussed the risks and benefits of eyelash transplantation with CNN anchor, Erica Hill, on CNN’s Headline Prime.Watch CNN on YouTube.com
Eyelash Transplants Restore Lashes for Trauma PatientsIf lashes have been damaged or destroyed by car accidents, burns, or even self-inflicted hair-pulling, eyelash transplantation can be used to permanently restore lashes to the lid. Car accident victim, Peggy Martin had eyelash transplantation to restore a normal, natural look to her eyelids…Watch the FOX News Video
Don’t Miss Eyelash Transplants on Access Hollywood and EXTRAAccess Hollwood: TONIGHT Thursday, December 28th (check airtimes)EXTRA:
Friday, January 8th ( check airtimes)
What is Eyelash Transplantation?Eyelash Transplant 101Eyelash transplantation can be used to replace eyelashes that have been damaged by trauma, or to enhance existing eyelashes that are otherwise short and/or sparse. The use of the single-follicle hair transplantation technique enables new, living and growing eyelashes to be permanently restored to the eyelid using microsurgery.

Visit www.eyelash-transplant.com for more information.
Download “Eyelash Transplant Info Sheet”

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