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Hector R.

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Age: 38 years oldMarital Status: MarriedOccupation: Computer Professional
Aspiration: To stop worrying that people are looking at the back of his head
Treatment: Viviscal
hector r Hector R.
bmgFollicleChart Hector R.

Hair Biography: Hector has been losing his hair for more than ten years. His job with IBM requires him to attend a lot of training classes.

He always tries to sit in the back of the class (and he stands in the back of elevators) so people can’t see the back of his head.Hector is taking an alternative route to hair restoration. He will take Viviscal, a marine-based nutritional supplement tablet from Finland, twice a day. The makers of Viviscal say their product works best for people in the early stages of hair loss; and, Hector has set his expectations low for his regrowth results.6-Month Self Assessment: Feels he’s had some success because his hair has stopped falling out and stopped drying out. Dateline Medical Expert’s Findings: “Disappointing, no bi-temporal growth.”
f5 HectorS 1 Hector R.
f5 HectorS 2 Hector R.
f5 HectorS 3 Hector R.
f5 HectorS 4 Hector R.
f5 HectorS 5 Hector R.

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