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Ryan Ochoa
Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2004 6:11 PM
To: Dr. Alan Bauman
Subject: Follow up
Dr. B,

When I started looking into scar hair replacement, I wasn’t sure whether it was even possible. I searched many different on-line resources but there was no definitive answer as to whether this procedure was in existence.

After countless hours of searching I ran into Dr. Alan Bauman’s hair restoration site and started looking at his credentials and accomplishments.

It seemed that if anyone was able to at least lead me in the right direction it would be him. I authored an e-mail explaining my situation and my expectations concerning hair restoration over a large scar in my head and inquired who I should speak to.
He informed me that it might be possible to accomplish the results I desired considering that there was not much damage below the skin and nerve areas. He asked for pictures and more detailed information and I gladly provided the information has requested. He contacted me shortly after…I agreed to the procedure, spoke with his courteous staff, and set a date to have the operation take place. Man was I excited!

A few months later I arrived at the office in Boca Raton after checking into a nearby hotel. The office stood over a beautiful lagoon in a well kept business park. The view was relaxing and the weather was perfect. After stepping into the office I was stunned by all the publications on the wall with Dr. B’s name on them. The office is state of the art and the staff all seemed nice, courteous, and most importantly, caring. We discussed the procedure then he took some pictures of my scar. I left the office feeling confident that I had made the right choice and was excited about my new hair growth.
The next day I arrived at the office promptly and Dr. B discussed the procedure once again to make sure I understood the process and that all my questions were answered. I was ready. He led me to the tending staff and they sat me down and started the discussed procedures. The first step was to numb the back of my head so that they could extract the donor area. This was practically painless due to the small amount of sedatives I was given when I first arrived. After the area was numb, the Dr. then extracted the donor area by slicing the area of skin that was needed and putting it in a liquid to preserve it until it would be dissected into small little pieces that would be inserted into the scar tissue.
After the donor area was taken out, the Dr. began to stitch up the area into a seamless line that would heal back together without adding another scar. At the same time, my donor area was being dissected into 1, 2, and 3 pieces of tiny hair follicles to insert into my scar. Dr. B had planned out exactly how many of each set he needed and where it would go.
Meanwhile I was totally comfortable watching movies and the Valium helped keep me there. Dr. B came back a short while later and numbed the scar area so he could make tiny incisions to allow the hair placement into the scar. Once it was numb he began. This is the tricky part I guess because the incisions have to be made in the same direction that the surrounding hair lays, otherwise it would look out of place.
After all the proper incisions were done, three members of the staff began inserting hair on each side of my head – left, right, and center. This took a while because they had thousands of hair pieces to insert. Once again, the process was non-intrusive and there was a point that I actually fell asleep for a hour or two.
Finally the hair was in place and I was ready for a taxi back to the hotel. Before I left they provided me with more information about caring for the donor and scar area. They also provided me with pain killers, valium, and a neck pillow to help me sleep well that night. I went back to the hotel and slept well without ever being in much pain, only slight discomfort from the donor extraction once the anesthesia wore off.
The next morning I arrived at the office for a final checkup before going home and had my head rinsed and massaged in this high tech shampooing machine. It felt great and I felt refreshed. The worst was over and I was ready to go back home. Before I left, Dr. B talked with me about results and follow-ups. He explained that the procedure went very well and I should expect some good results.
I flew back home to return to work the next day. I felt great, there was no major pain or discomfort anywhere on my head, only slight itching from time to time which was cured by rubbing vitamins with aloe on the area. I took showers and baths but never let the showerhead shoot my head, instead I filled up a 2 liter container and slowly poured water on it.
Weeks then months went by and now after almost a full year I can see a dramatic improvement in my hair around my scar. I can now cut my hair much shorter than before and no one ever mentions my scar because they can’t see it. In fact, I had some friends take a few pictures to send Dr. B but they couldn’t do it because they had a hard time separating the hair and finding the scar. What a blessing that was to hear! Of course I can pinpoint the scar and I want to have a little more hair on the sides but that’s only because we are our own worst critic.
I am very happy with the results so far and very grateful to Dr. B for what he has done for me.

Thanks again Dr. Bauman!
Ryan Ochoa

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